Applying to the MS for Fall Admission

The deadline for applying to the MS in QA/RA for acceptance starting in the Fall 2014 semester is July 1. (International students: please see the special note below about application deadlines.)

If you will have completed four courses by the end of the summer and want to continue taking classes in the fall, please start that MS application now to make the July 1 deadline.

Please note that the July 1 deadline applies to MS applications ONLY.

New students who are just interested in taking one course do NOT need to formally apply to the MS. Remember, you may take 3 courses in our program before you need to apply for the Master of Science or apply for one of our certificates.

We hope to have the summer schedule available in April, and once it is posted, new students simply REGISTER for a course (as opposed to applying for formal admission into the Master's Program).

The fall schedule should be ready by July.

Questions? Please call our Office at 267.468.8560.

For more information on applying to the MS, click here.

Special note for international students: If you are an international student coming to the U.S. to study in our program, please make sure you submit your application for the Fall semester no later than May 1. The process of getting a visa can be very time consuming, so the earlier you apply and are accepted to our program, the more time you have for obtaining your visa in time to start classes in early September. If you wait until July 1 to apply for the MS, you will probably not be able to start courses until the January 2015 semester.


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