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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to all graduate students of Temple University School of Pharmacy, including those pursuing MS degrees in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutics (non-thesis) and Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations.  To be eligible, you must:

1. Indicate that you intend to apply for one of our master's degrees (Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance or Pharmaceutics  or  Global Clinical  and Pharmacovigilance Regulations).

2. Register for a minimum of two courses for each semester you receive financial aid.

3. Apply for Financial Aid through the Self-Service Banner system. A step-by-step guide for applying is found here.

4. Please make sure you include your Financial Aid form with your registration papers. The RA and QA Office must process your registration to "activate" your record in the Temple Banner system for Financial Aid.

4. Once your loan is approved, you must accept it through Self-Service Banner.

5. If you received financial aid as an undergraduate student, it may impact your eligibility to receive financial aid as a graduate student, or it could affect the amount that you receive.

Students apply for financial aid once a year. Fafsa's are to be completed by Temple's March 1st deadline each year. If you are applying for a federal loan for the first time, you should log onto and complete a Master Promissory Note for your Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans. Your counselor will process the Federal loan for you based on Fafsa information. Also, you are required to complete Entrance Counseling on the same website. The Master Promissory note is good for 10 years so you do not have to sign every year. If you are applying for a Plus Loan, then you have to apply for this every year at You must request Direct Plus Loan (complete application), complete credit approval and sign Master Promissory Note. You are required to complete Entrance Counseling for this loan also. You can complete the Entrance Counseling for the Federal Sub/Unsub and Direct Plus Loan together.

For further information, explore Temple’s Financial Aid website at this link. Then call Rozina McFadden at 215.707.4448 or email  Ms. McFadden handles the Financial Aid requests for School of Pharmacy students. We urge you to apply for Financial Aid early. Most office at Temple University are innundated with phone calls, emails, and other requests the month before classes begin. Please don't wait until the last moment to apply.