Registration Information

If you are working full-time, we strongly urge you to start the program with just one course. After you have gotten used to returning to school, you may wish to increase your course load to two courses per semester.

It is possible to pursue our program as a full-time basis, which means taking 3 or more courses per semester.

First Time Registration:
How do you get started in the QA/RA program?  You simply need to register for a course -- you do NOT need to apply formally to a certificate program or the MS.

To register, you must submit the correct QA/RA registration form AND the state residency form.  These forms are available below. (They are also found under FORMs and are posted on the Schedule of Classes.) You may also obtain these forms by calling the QA/RA Office at 267.468.8560.  

If you are registering for an Online course, we also require a photocopy of your undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts, a signed copy of a recent resume, plus a recent photograph of you. International students must also submit a TOEFL score. Please note that Online courses require a special registration form which includes a proctoring agreement form (see below). We cannot process a registration for an Online course until you submit the correct form.

All registrations are processed on a first-come/first-served basis, so it’s to your advantage to register early to assure your spot in a course. The QA/RA staff will call you if there is a problem with your registration (for instance, if all of your paperwork wasn't received) or if a class is already full. We will also email you a confirmation when your registration has been processed.

Generally we do not process registration forms until shortly before classes begin. Generally fall tuition bills are due in mid-October; spring tuition bills are due in mid-March. Summer tuition is usually due within 2 to 3 weeks.

Please be aware that Temple provides electronic tuition bills. You will not receive a hard copy statement in the mail; instead, you will receive a message on your TUmail account that your tuition bill is available and must be paid by a specific date. (If you miss the deadline, you will be charged a late fee.)

We encourage all new students to attend one of our Open House events. These 1/2 hour information sessions provide invaluable important information about the QA/RA program. Please take the time to participate, so you know which courses to take and how to navigate our program.

We also encourage new students to watch our Online Orientation session. This event is available 24/7 and will introduce you to Temple's Banner system and other important tips.

Continuing Registration:  
Continuing students should fax (267.468.8565) or email ( their registration form to the QA/RA Office. Make sure you use the correct form. The "traditional classroom courses" require one form; all Online courses require the Registration Form for Online Courses. (See below.)

Course Offerings:
Fall and spring courses are offered one night per week over a fifteen-week semester. All classes meet for a total of 36 hours; depending upon the faculty member’s schedule, the class may meet 10 times for 3 hours, 12 times for 3 hours, or 14 times for 2 hours. Classes start anytime after 4:30 pm.

Our weekend courses are scheduled on either Saturday and Sunday. The M.S. in QA/RA program can be completed entirely through weekend or weeknight courses. Students are welcome to take courses from any grid.

Summer Sessions:
Summer sessions begin in mid-May and run through August. Required and elective courses are scheduled each summer, enabling students to start the program any time of year. All summer classes are scheduled to meet for 36 hours.

Registration Form (Traditional Classroom Courses)

Registration Form (Online Courses)

State Residency Form

Tuition & Fees

Drop/Add Policy for QA/RA Course

If you have completed 9 credits in the QA/RA program, please fill out the Non-Matriculated Graduate Student Waiver Form below and fax it to 267.468.8565. Sorry, but you cannot take any additional courses beyond the 9 credit limit unless you complete this form.

Non-Matriculated Graduate Student Waiver (pdf)