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Why Temple School of Pharmacy

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TUSP Graduate Programs


Temple University School of Pharmacy (TUSP) has a diverse student population with students from all over the world contributing to a vibrant intellectual environment. We welcome your interest in the Graduate programs of TUSP and hope to hear from you soon.


The department offers two types of graduate degree programs:


(1) Areas of research for the thesis-based (M.S. and Ph.D.) full-time program:


Financial support in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and/or University Fellowships are available on a competitive basis to incoming students. It is important to note that these support mechanisms are generally offered only to individuals pursuing the terminal degree in the discipline (Ph.D.).


(2) Areas of study for working professionals in the non-thesis-based M.S. (part-time) program:


Students pursuing the M.S. degree may seek support through government and or corporate sponsors, or individual faculty members.




About the Graduate Program

A core mission of the department's graduate program is to train students to contribute to fundamental understanding and application of the various pharmaceutical sciences: namely, drug action (pharmacodynamics); drug synthesis (medicinal chemistry); drug metabolism and disposition (pharmacokinetics and metabolism) and drug delivery (pharmaceutics).  


The graduate faculty provide the expertise and the opportunity for graduate students to gain knowledge about:

  • chemical structures and the relationship to biological activity (structure-activity relationships)
  • the receptors and enzyme pathways that transduce the chemical signal into the desired biological response
  • how to design and synthesize the drug
  • and how to design a formulation that optimizes the drug's therapeutic effect and minimizes its adverse effects.


The department is in a strong position to offer graduate degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences: it consists of highly-trained and dedicated faculty; it is located on a Health Sciences Campus, which offers the students a number of educational and research opportunities; and it is centrally located within an active, extensive pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


The unique niche of the department's graduate program within Temple University is twofold:

  1. it offers integrated specialty in three areas of pharmaceutical science (medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacodynamics), and
  2. emphasis on the reduction of principles to practice (viz., design, synthesis, testing, and delivery of novel therapeutic compounds and delivery techniques).



Members of TUSP Chaptere of AAPS

TUSP Chapter of AAPS. Dr. Swati Nagar, Advisor



Contact the Office of Graduate Studies

Prospective students and for admissions, please contact:

Sophon Din, Administrative Assistant




Current graduate students, please contact:

Almira Cutler, Administrative Assistant




Daniel J. Canney, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies






Temple University School of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Office of Graduate Studies, Suite 528

3307 N. Broad St.,

Philadelphia, PA 19140