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Celebrating Diversity

TUSP's Cultural Day Celebration kicked off in the auditorium of the SFC for the cultural events and ended back at the School of Pharmacy for the culinary portion of the program. Students, faculty and staff explored each other's cultural approaches to the practice of pharmacy, fashion, cuisine and joyous living. This semi-annual event is always a welcome interlude in the semester.




Pharm.D. students write reflective statements for their portfolios at the beginning of each of the first three years in pharmacy school. Reading these, Dr. Anna Wodlinger began to think about the students, their cultures and the impact of their backgrounds on their aspirations. Many students write about their homes and what inspired them to become pharmacists. She learned that many of them incorporate their cultural experience of health care into their practice as pharmacy students. However, many of the students didn't share their thoughts and beliefs with their classmates, so she thought that an event like this would be the perfect way to learn about others and celebrate and share our different cultural backgrounds.




She recruited Dr. Mirza Perez to help with the event to make it both fun and educational. A number of enthusiastic Pharm.D. and graduate students helped with planning. The event included short presentations from students from Columbia, Egypt, India, Ghana, Kenya, Korea, Nigeria, Liberia, and Singapore, highlighting how pharmacists are trained in their countries and how patients have access to medicines. Between presentations there were Indian and African fashion shows and dancing. Following the formal program, all were invited to the school for a reception with food from various cultures.


At Temple, we celebrate the diversity of our students. We truly are a melting pot with many first generation Americans. This program was realized through the Walgreen's Diversity donation.




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