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School of Pharmacy Receives Prestigious NIH R01 Grant



The National Institutes of Health awarded Dr. Ho-Lun Wong, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, a highly-sought RO1 grant for 5 years totaling $1,587,375. The grant is entitled, "Hybrid nanotechnology to target metastatic advanced prostate cancer."


Under the grant, Dr. Wong will evaluate the in vivo tumor-targeting capabilities and pharmacokinetic properties of LPN in an orthotopic model of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC); study the pharmacodynamic and therapeutic properties of LPN carrying siRNA for optimal CRPC chemosensitization and control of metastasis; and evaluate the therapeutic outcomes of chemo-RNAi-therapy consisting of docetaxel and LPN carrying siRNA for CRPC treatment.


Successful completion of this project will validate a nanotechnology-integrated RNAi-therapy to address two unmet therapeutic needs: (1) enabling effective chemo-RNAi treatment of a prevalent, lethal malignant disease, (2) offering a novel strategy for sustained metastasis control.


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