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Ho-Lun Wong, Ph.D., B.Sc.Pharm

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


3307 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19140

office Room 433

phone (215) 707-8173

email ho-lun.wong@temple.edu

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles/ Book Chapters

  • Xue HY, Narvekar M, Zhao JB, Wong HL. (2013) Lipid encapsulation of cationic polymers in hybrid nanocarriers reduces their non-specific toxicity to breast epithelial cells, Pharmaceutical Research 30(2): 572-583.

  • Xue HY, Liu S, Wong HL. Nanotoxicity: A key obstacle to clinical translation of siRNA-based therapy, Nanomedicine (Invited review).

  • Narvekar M, Xue HY, Tran NT, Wong HL. Nanotechnological advances for delivery of poorly water-soluble anticancer drugs - Clinical barriers and solutions, AAPS PharmSci Tech (invited review).

  • Zhao YZ, Lv HF, Lu CT, Chen LJ, Lin M, Zhang M, Jiang X, Shen XT, Jin RR, Cai J, Tian XQ, Wong HL. Evaluation of a novel thermosensitive heparin-poloxamer hydrogel for improving vascular anastomosis quality and safety in a rabbit model, PLoS One (under review).

  • Xue HY, Wong HL. (2012) Evaluation of a megalin-targeting strategy to enhance small-interfering RNA nanomedicine delivery to chemo-treated breast cancer, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 81(1): 24-32.

  • Narvekar M, Xue HY, Wong HL. (2012) A novel hybrid delivery system: polymer-oil nanostructured carrier for controlled delivery of highly lipophilic drug all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA), International Journal of Pharmaceutics, (1-2): 721-731.

  • Wong HL, Wu XY, Bendayan R. (2012) Nanotechnological advances for the delivery of CNS therapeutics, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 64(7): 686-700.

  • Xue HY, Wong HL. (2011) Solid lipid-PEI hybrid nanocarrier: an integrated approach to provide extended, targeted and safer siRNA therapy of prostate cancer in an all-in-one manner, ACS Nano 5: 7034-7047.

  • Xue HY, Wong HL. (2011) Tailoring nanostructured solid-lipid carriers for time-controlled intracellular siRNA kinetics to sustain RNAi-mediated chemosensitization, Biomaterials 32: 2662-2672.

  • Wong HL, Shen Z, Lu Z, Wientjes MG, Au JL-S. (2011) Paclitaxel tumor-priming enhances siRNA delivery and transfection in 3-dimensional tumor cultures, Molecular Pharmaceutics 8:833-840.

  • Wong HL, Chattopadhyay N, Wu XY, Bendayan R. (2010) Nanotechnology applications for improved delivery of antiretrovirals (ARVs) to the brain in HIV Infection, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 62: 503-517.

  • Wong HL, Wu XY, Bendayan R. (2009) Multidrug resistance in solid tumor and its reversal, In: Lu Y, Mahato RI (Eds.) Pharmaceutical perspectives of cancer therapeutics, Springer New York, pp. 121-148.

  • Chattopadhyay N, Zastre J, Wong HL, Wu XY, Bendayan R. (2008) Solid lipid nanoparticles enhance the delivery of the HIV protease inhibitor, Atazanavir, By a human brain endothelial cell line, Pharmaceutical Research, 25:2262-2271.

  • Li Y, Wong HL, Shuhendler A, Rauth AM, Wu XY. (2008) Molecular interactions, internal structure and drug release kinetics of rationally developed polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles (PLN), Journal of Controlled Release, 128:60-70.

  • Wong HL, Rauth AM, Bendayan R, Wu XY. (2007) In vivo evaluation of a new polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles (PLN) formulation of doxorubicin in a murine solid tumor model. European Journal of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, 65(3):300-308. (Best Paper Award in 2007)

  • Wong HL, Bendayan R, Rauth AM, Li Y, Wu XY. (2007) Chemotherapy with anticancer drugs entrapped into solid lipid nanoparticles. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 59: 491-504.

  • Wong HL, Bendayan R, Rauth AM, Xue HY, Babakhanian K, Wu XY. (2006) A mechanistic study of enhanced doxorubicin uptake and retention in multidrug resistant breast cancer cells using a polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticle system. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 317:1372-1381.

  • Wong HL, Rauth AM, Bendayan R, Wu XY. (2006) Simultaneous delivery of doxorubicin and GG918 (Elacridar) by new polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles (PLN) for enhanced treatment of multidrug-resistance breast cancer. Journal of Controlled Release, 116:275-284.

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  • Wong HL, Rauth AM, Bendayan R, Manias JL, Ramaswamy M, Liu Z, Erhan SZ, Wu XY. (2006) A new polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticle system increases cytotoxicity of doxorubicin against multidrug resistant human breast cancer cells. Pharmaceutical Research, 23:1574-1585.

  • Liu J, Wong HL, Moselhy J, Bowen B, Wu XY, Johnston M. (2006) Targeting colloidal particulates to thoracic lymph nodes, Lung Cancer 51:377-386.


  • Wong HL, Narvekar M, Xue HY. Nanospheres for therapeutic agents delivery - Polymer-oil hybrid carrier for drug delivery, US patent 61/659,658.