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Mercy Ramanjulu

Research Scientist

Moulder Center


3307 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19140

office Room 519

phone (215) 707-4918

email mercy.ramanjulu@temple.edu


Biosketch | Publications


Mercy obtained a Masters in Organic Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College in 1992 under the direction of Professor Frank B Mallory.  She began her career at The Fox Chase Cancer Center, focusing her research efforts on the identification of fluorinated carbohydrates molecular probes. She later continued her career with Rhoune-Poulenc Rorer as an Associate Scientist studying in the medicinal chemistry of orally active PDE-4 inhibitors.  Her work contributed to the development multiple orally active anti-inflammatory compounds.  Mercy joined the parallel synthesis team at Dupont-Merck in 1997, and applied her medicinal chemistry expertise to targets associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.  In 2003, Mercy joined Wyeth Research as a member of the Exploratory Chemistry Group led by Dr. Magid Abou Gharbia and John Ellingboe.  Her work contributed to the development of clinical candidates across four drug discovery programs.




Meyer, C.; Ramanjulu, M.; Carrell, H.; Glusker, J. Synthesis and X-ray Crystal structural studies of 3-D-oxy-3-fluro-b-D-allo-pyranoside, Structural Chemistry, 1997, 8, 65-71.

Mallory, F. B; Mallory, C.; Ramanjulu, M. Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling via Nonbonded Interactions, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2000, 122, 4108-4116.
Hulme, C; Moriarty, K; Ramanjulu, M. The Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a Novel Series of Indole PDE4 Inhibitors, Biorg.  Med.   Chem.  Lett. 1998, 8, 1867.

Hulme, C; Moriarty, K; Ramanjulu, M. Orally Active Indole N-Oxide PDE4 inhibitors, Biorg.  Med.  Chem.  Lett.  1998, 8, 3053.

Thompson, L.; Liauw, A.; Ramanjulu, M. Synthesis and evaluation of succinoyl-caprolactam g-secretase inhibitors, Biorg.  Med.  Chem.  Lett.  2006, 16, 2357.

Michael,Yang.; Ramanjulu, M. Design and synthesis of benzoazepinone-derived cyclic malonamides and aminoamides as potent g-secretase inhibitors, Biorg.  Med.  Chem.  Lett. 2007, 17, 3910.