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Rogelio Martinez, MS

Research Scientist


3307 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19140

office Room 515

phone (215) 707-6519

email rogelio.martinez@temple.edu

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Rogelio obtained a Masters in Organic Chemistry from Arizona State University in 1992 for the synthesis of two anti tumor agents and has 10+ years of industrial experience. Rogelio's experience in Medicinal Chemistry continues to evolve through his work at Merck LTD., Bristol Myers Squibb, and CIBA-GEIGY LTD. Rogelio has had the opportunity to make contributions to a wide range of therapeutic indications and these include: Androgen Receptors antagonist, GLP-1, VEGF, Inflammation, Oncology and Cardiovascular targets. In addition to medicinal chemistry skill set, Rogelio has taken on the challenge of developing Process Scale methods to carryout multi step synthesis to provide maleate salts of API's. At NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Rogelio worked on Scaling Up of Uridine to 2'-trifluoro acetamido Uridine and Cystadine Phosphoramidites starting from 1Kg of Uridine.


Rogelio's interest in technology that may accelerate the identification of drug like molecules has defined his career path. In 1994, Rogelio joined NeXstar Pharmaceuticals whose proprietary drug discovery platform was SELEX, a combinatorial technique in molecular biology that delivers biological active Aptamers. Rogelio worked on the bio-conjugation of aptamers with PEG 2K and their purification using ion exchange resin/reverse phase HPLC techniques. Rogelio was also a member of Bristol Myers Squibb Combinatorial Chemistry and played a leadership role in establishing the work flow in the Lead Synthesis Group. Rogelio employed SynPhase Lanterns to prepare solid-phase and for solution-phase 11-mer peptides libraries in parallel. His current interests include: Nano technology, flow-based chemistry, Microwave chemistry, high-throughput purification, parallel synthesis tools and Catalysis of novel N-Arylation substrates.