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Nick Chester

Research Scientist, Moulder Center


3307 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19140

office Room 501

phone (215) 707-1374

email nick.chester@temple.edu


Biosketch | Selected Publications

  • H Babbe, N Chester, P Leder and B Reizis. 2007. The Bloom’s syndrome helicase is critical for early thymic development of T lymphocytes.  Mol Cell Biol. 2007. 27: 1947-1959.

  • N Chester, H Babbe, J Pinkas, C Manning and P Leder. 2006. Mutation of the murine Bloom’s syndrome gene produces global genome destabilization.  Mol Cell Biol.  2006. 26:6713-6726.  Cover art photograph published in February 2007, vol. 27 issue 3.

  • LD McDaniel†, N Chester, M Watson, AD Borowsky, P Leder, and R Schultz. Chromosome instability and tumor predisposition inversely correlate with BLM protein levels. DNA Repair 2003. 2:13807-1404. †N Chester and LD McDaniel are co-authors.

  • N Chester, F Kuo, C Kozak, CD O'Hara and P Leder. Stage-specific apoptosis, developmental delay and embryonic lethality in mice homozygous for a targeted disruption in the murine Bloom's syndrome gene.  Genes Dev. 1998. 12:3382-93.

  • JA McElhinny, SA Trushin, GD Bren, N Chester and CV Paya. Casein kinase II phosphorylates I kappa B alpha at S-283, S-289, S-293, and T-291 and is required for its degradation. Mol Cell Biol. 1996. 16:899-906.

  • N Chester, IJ Yu and DR Marshak. Identification and characterization of protein kinase CKII isoforms in HeLa cells.  Isoform-specific differences in rates of assembly from catalytic and regulatory subunits. J. Biol. Chem. 1995. 270:7501-14.


Manuscript in preparation:


  • N Chester, Blair Weig, Guichy Waller and Shane Taremi.  SIRT1 Catalytic Domain Binds Substrate, NAD cofactor and CHIC-35 Inhibitor.  2013.




  • 2010. PEGS Protein Engineering Conference, Boston, MA. Presented poster.

  • 2005.  Genome Instability and Repair. Keystone Symposia, Taos, NM.  Gave talk in addition to poster presentation.

  • 2002. DNA helicases, cancer and aging. Keystone Symposia, Lake Tahoe, CA.  Presented poster.

  • 1998. Mouse molecular genetics. Cold Spring Harbor meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Presented poster.

  • 1996. Mouse molecular genetics. Cold Spring Harbor meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

  • 1997. Workshop on Werner syndrome and related helicase diseases. NIH and National Institute on Aging. Bethesda, MD.  Presented talk.