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Why Temple School of Pharmacy

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cGMP Services
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Creating a Sustainable Campus Culture



Drinking Water Efficiency

Medicinal Garden Groundbreaking


Temple University is committed to creating a sustainable campus culture. Sustainability is more than just recycling. It is about living responsibility, about taking care of the planet and about finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint (our direct impact on the planet.) Temple University's commitment to sustainability can have a profound impact on the health and quality of life on a large and diverse population within Temple and its surrounding community.


Recently, Temple University created a Department of Sustainability and appointed a Director of Sustainability who has appointed Sustainability Ambassadors in each School and College. The expected outcome of this is the creation of a culture and expectation for environmental action at all levels.


Temple University's work will proceed in three broad areas:

1) Advancing academic initiatives and research;

2) Creating sustainable campuses;

3) Improving outreach and engagement.


Temple University School of Pharmacy is at the forefront of sustainability practices which include requiring all handouts, announcements, job listings and syllabi to be posted electronically on Blackboard, the University's communication tool. Some exams are also given electronically. When printing is necessary, faculty and staff employ double-sided their printing whenever possible. In addition the School of Pharmacy is in the early stages of developing a program where used supplies will be recycled to students as opposed to having them thrown away.


For more information, visit the University's website regarding sustainability or contact the school's sustainability ambassador, Brenda Malinics at
215-707-7652 or by email at brenda.malinics@temple.edu.




One of the transportation initiatives in Temple’s Climate Action Plan is to lower our carbon footprint by encouraging carpooling. Below is a message about a new program, Zimride, that is being unveiled at Temple.

Temple Zimride is a new and easy way to coordinate your daily commute with friends and colleagues or to arrange a special one-time trip. Zimride is our private network that makes it easy to share the seats in your car or to catch a ride with fellow Temple faculty, staff and students.

Check it out at: http://zimride.temple.edu

It's simple. Have a car? Add your ride offer and split the costs by driving with friends and colleagues. Need a ride? Add your request and find a ride. Just register for a free account and post where you’re coming from and when. Temple Zimride will help you find others making similar trips. You can use Zimride even if you have flexible schedules or only want to ride occasionally.

Zimride is a win:win. Save money. Save the planet.


Drinking Water Efficiency

The School of Pharmacy is one of the few locations on the Health Sciences Campus that was selected to receive an environmentally-friendly "Fill-It" water fountain that dispenses cold FILTERED water in two ways. It can quickly fill a water bottle from above when the bottle is placed on the padded spot, and it has an electronic counter in the right-hand corner that keeps track of how many "fills" it is dispensing. It also has the typical side stream of water for quick drinks taken by mouth.

The Fill-It water fountain is designed to be "green" and to encourage people to refill water bottles rather than purchase new ones that increase the use of plastic and often end up in landfills.

So, please check out the Fill-It fountain in the lobby on the first floor (across from the Security Desk), and enjoy a cold, healthy drink of filtered water. Enjoy!

If you haven't taken the University's Sustainability Pledge yet, please do so today. Please go to: https://sites.google.com/a/temple.edu/temple-s-sustainability-pledge/



Medicinal Garden Groundbreaking

The TUHS Med Garden Alliance is proud to announce we have started groundbreaking for installation of the edible and medicinal community garden on the corner of Broad and Vernango!! All students are invited to participate as we prepare the ground for laying topsoil, install raised beds, construct retaining wall garden beds, and begin planting trees.

Our group has a public Google calendar on which all current participants are able to coordinate their time within the garden. Please take a look to find a time to stop by and lend a hand, or meet the members of our team!

Additionally, if you are interested in donating a plant (or tree) to the garden, please see the list of plants and prices [pdf ]. Also be on the lookout for students with plant lists or purchase sheets posted around the pharmacy and medical buildings.

If you would like more info, please contact me at Lramoz@gmail.com.