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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles Ruchalski, Pharm.D.


ON A NATIONAL LEVEL: ASP is the national professional society of pharmacy students. It is an academy of the American Pharmacists Association. Its purpose is to aid and support the objectives of APhA, aid the local chapters in their operations, provide student members with information about the affairs of the Association and the profession, provide a forum for the expression of student's opinion on pertinent Association activities and policies, and strengthen the conversion from student membership to active membership in the Association.


ON A REGIONAL LEVEL: Each accredited school of pharmacy has an ASP chapter representing the local level. The local chapters are geographically grouped into eight regions; Temple is a member of Region 2. Each region holds a midyear meeting. At this meeting, eight of the fifteen student delegates are elected to the APhA House of Delegates. This House of Delegates meets at the Student APhA annual meeting. It is composed of one delegate from each of the local chapters.


ON A LOCAL LEVEL: Temple's chapter has had great success winning numerous awards including the Most Improved Student Chapter Award for the year 2003-2004, the award for Operation Immunization, and multiple awards to participate in a needle exchange program. The student chapter plans to continue participating in Operation Diabetes and Operation Immunization. The students hold monthly diabetes and high blood pressure screening sessions at local pharmacies supervised by a faculty member. The students plan to continue the very successful newsletter. All of these activities require a very proactive and committed membership. Our membership drive will be held during the month of September. We are looking forward to your participation.



Advisor: Ms. Joan Hankins-Massaquoi


The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions. SNPhA’s purpose is to plan, organize, coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement for the health, educational, and social environment of the community.
Locally, Temple's SNPhA chapter members are responsible for organizing and implementing events that broaden their input into the pharmacy profession. Our parent chapter at the local level is the Greater Philadelphia Pharmaceutical Society (GPPS), who guide and contribute to our organizational goals.

The Temple SNPhA chapter is one of eighteen SNPhA chapters in the northeastern quadrant of the United States. We are designated Region One. At the regional level, the members meet to discuss and coordinate ideas to improve the local chapters. The school hosting the "Regional Meeting" is responsible for providing a one-to-two day seminar based on a theme to stimulate interest in pharmacy.

Nationally, Temple is one of 47 accredited pharmacy schools with SNPhA chapters. Each chapter provides a representative (delegate) to the House of Delegates at the National Convention, where policies are voted upon. During the National Convention, networks can be formed between members of SNPhA and with members of the national parent chapter, National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA). At this convention, many companies, institutions and organizations provide endless possibilities for professional careers in pharmacy.

All are welcome to become SNPhA members. Bring your leadership qualities and organizational ideas to SNPhA and become a contributor to professionalism in the minority community.



Advisor: Dr. Charles Ruchalski


The National Community Pharmacists' Association is a professional organization dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of independent community pharmacy practice. In addition to their activities related to enhancing the provision of pharmacist care, the Association is actively involved at the national level in a variety of legislative efforts. These include pro-consumer issues such as access to care, patient education initiatives and reimbursement for pharmacists' cognitive services. The organization sponsors several national meetings yearly, offers a monthly publication and student newsletter, and through its Foundation provides student loans and scholarships. Local student members participate in a variety of community service projects.



Advisor: Dr. Daniel Canney


The primary goals of the Committee on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) are: 1) to educate pharmacy students about addiction issues and 2) to assist those students whose lives have been affected directly or indirectly by the disease. Temple's School of Pharmacy is supportive in helping students whose lives have been affected by addiction find counseling and other services. Through the generous support of the Pharmacy School and S.A.R.P.H.*, interested students and faculty members have attended the University Of Utah School On Alcoholism And Other Drug Dependencies.


The committee was started in 1998 with the aim of supplying confidential information from various resources to interested students (with no regard for the reason for their interest). The committee also schedules speakers to discuss topics dealing with the impact of addiction on the lives of health care professionals and the general public. Participation as a contact does not imply recovery status, but rather an interest in supporting those who need help for any reason. CASA members want to educate and assist students and have no interest in restricting or reporting behavior. It is important to stress that one does not have to have a substance abuse problem to be severely affected by the addictive behavior of loved ones. Resources are available to assist both the addict, as well as those affected by the disease.


Please feel free to contact any member of the committee or support group for confidential information. Additional information regarding resources can be found under Psychiatric Services and Telephone Numbers of Special Interest in your Student Handbook [.pdf pdf icon].

Support Group:

  • Dr. Canney <canney@temple.edu>
  • Eileen Lichtenstein


*Individuals with substance abuse problems may contact the Pharmacist Recovery Network (PRN) available in PA. Secundum Artem-Reaching Pharmacists with Help (SARPH) serves pharmacists and pharmacy students and is supported by the State Board of Pharmacy. S.A.R.P.H. is considered the official program for impaired pharmacists/students in the Commonwealth. Further information may be obtained from the contacts above.


RHO CHI: The National Honor Society for Pharmacy

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Canney


Rho Chi is the National Honor Society of Pharmacy that was established in 1922. The name was selected because the Greek letters Rho and Chi suggested the prescription symbol Rx. The symbol of the society, the Rho Chi Key, is an octagon with each side representing a different facet of the pharmacy curriculum: chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and the biomedical, social/administrative, and clinical sciences. Our chapter, Beta Lambda (District II), was initiated at the School of Pharmacy in 1955. The fundamental objective of the Society is the promotion of the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences and of the profession of pharmacy. The honor society thus has two aims: 1) to recognize and reward superior scholarly attainment, and 2) to encourage and stimulate superior scholarship. The Mission of the Society, as outlined in the Constitution, is to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement and foster fellowship among its members.


Further, the Society encourages high standards of conduct and character, and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. The Society's vision is to achieve universal recognition of its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in pharmacy. As a community of scholars, the Society will instill the desire to pursue intellectual excellence and critical inquiry to advance the profession. Membership in Rho Chi is limited to the top 20% of each pharmacy class. Students are also required to have attained a 3.0 GPA during the pre-pharmacy curriculum, as well as during the first professional year of pharmacy school. Members are afforded various opportunities to assume leadership roles in educational and social functions within the college. Each year the Society sponsors the Kallelis/Lynch Lecture for the students and faculty at the Pharmacy School. A speaker with a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical field is invited to discuss their current work. In addition, Rho Chi representatives from the school are chosen to attend the annual APhA meeting to stay current with the activities of the society at the national level. Any questions concerning the Society should be directed to
Dr. Canney (215-707-6924), the faculty advisor.


PHI LAMBDA SIGMA: Pharmacy Leadership Society

Advisor: Eileen Lichtenstein


The purpose of Phi Lambda Sigma, also known as the National Pharmacy Leader-ship Society, is to promote the development of leadership qualities. Phi Lambda Sigma is complimentary to Rho Chi in that it honors leadership, while Rho Chi honors scholastic achievement. Phi Lambda Sigma was organized nationally in March 1965 and the Temple University School of Pharmacy Chapter was founded in April 1998. At Temple, Phi Lambda Sigma is responsible for organizing professional activities within the school. To become a member of Phi Lambda Sigma one must be nominated by a peer after completing the first professional year and demonstrate dedication to service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy.


KAPPA PSI Pharmaceutical Fraternity

Advisor: Christopher Van Vessem


Since its founding in 1879, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity has held the honor of being the oldest and largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity on the North American continent. Kappa Psi consists of 67 undergraduate chapters and 43 graduate chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The Beta Omega chapter of Kappa Psi has remained continuously active here at Temple University School of Pharmacy since the granting of its charter in 1930.


Throughout the year Beta Omega chapter actively sponsors and participates in a variety of educational, social and community activities. These include nominally monthly concept luncheons and occasional evening parties held at the Kappa Psi house located about a block from the health sciences campus. Some of these, notably our spring formal and theme parties, are held in conjunction with our sister fraternity, Lambda Kappa Sigma, as part of our coeducational program. On campus Beta Omega fields intramural softball and basketball teams each season and, in the larger community, joins in fund raising activities, e.g., walks in support of AIDS research. During the winter holidays Beta Omega collects and distributes toys to hospitalized children. Membership in Kappa Psi is offered to interested and eligible students in their first and following professional years.



Co-Advisors: Dr. Talitha Pulvino and Dr. Melissa Ranieri


Lambda Kappa Sigma, better known as LKS, is a professional pharmacy fraternity for women. Temple Univer-sity women make up the Alpha, Alpha chapter which was established in 1948. Throughout the year we sponsor and participate in various educational and social events. Founder's Day and Hygeia Day are celebrated with special programs. We also have several theme parties annually, some of which we hold with our brother fraternity, Kappa Psi. Kappa Psi gives us our coeducational status. We collaborate not only on our parties, but also on our spring formal and intramural sports. Fundraisers provide us with that ever needed source of income. We have raffles, t-shirt sales, bake sales, and a Valentine Day flower sale. Community endeavors are an important part of our fraternity. We participate in the School's Pharmacy Week by providing drug information on blood pressure monitoring and diabetes. Our philanthropy programs include, Project Hope, the annual "Walk for Breast Cancer" and the "Walk for Aids." Remember Lambda Kappa Sigma is a professional fraternity which strives to maintain academic excellence as well as provide social and educational activities for its members and the community.


PHI DELTA CHI Pharmacy Fraternity

Co-Advisors: Dr. Robert Raffa and Dr. David Lebo


The Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity contributes to the professional and social goals of the brothers through service projects and social activities. Our fraternity seeks qualified students without regard to race, religion, nationality, or gender. The mission of Phi Delta Chi is to nurture a strong sense of brotherhood and in doing so, create a supportive environment for professional growth and the development of life-long friendships. If you see the value of friendships, involvement in service to others, and participation in professional projects, you should consider Phi Delta Chi. We'd be happy to discuss the benefits and responsibilities of brotherhood with you.



Advisor: Dr. Michael Barros


The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) is the State organization representing all aspects of pharmacy practice and pharmacy practitioners. Employers, employees, managers, and students representing independent, chain, hospital, long term care, and the pharmaceutical industry are members of the Association. The Association has a student chapter at the School and students have their own formal Academy within PPA. Students involved in the organization have the opportunity to attend several meetings a year to network with pharmacists and continue learning about their profession.



Co-Advisors: Dr. Nicole Sifontis and Dr. Lawrence Carey


The Chapters of the Society consisting of the national chapter, ASHP, the state chapter, PSHP, and the local chapter, DVSHP, strive to enhance the educational and professional development of students and professionals through networking with pharmacy practice leaders and educational programming regarding current issues surrounding the profession. This is done, in part, by periodic literature sent to Chapter members in journal form as well as newsletters and regularly scheduled dinner/lectures in the Philadelphia area throughout the fall and spring semesters.


Highlights each school year include the Clinical Skills Competition at the Pharmacy school and summer and midyera meetings on a national level where students can apply and interview for employment, residencies or fellowship programs.



Advisor: Ms. Leigh Webber, R.Ph. and Dr. Susan Kent


TUSP-ASCP student chapter's mission is to further knowledge and information about the profession of consultant and senior care pharmacy. As a student chapter, TUSP-ASCP's purpose is to advocate future pharmacists' participation in consultant and senior care activities to provide America's growing senior poulation with medication related services needed to live longer, healthier lives.



Advisor: Dr. Marquette Cannon-Babb  http://www.cpfi.org


The Temple University School of Pharmacy chapter of Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) is a student organization whose mission is to meet, promote, and challenges members’ spiritual awareness and growth as it applies to the profession of pharmacy. In this way, members proactively present and discuss information about the ethical principles and contemporary issues specific to the discipline while completing their professional educational track. Because CPFI students are diverse in culture and opinion, a range of strategies are addressed for integrating faith into practice.