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cGMP Services
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The key to personalized medicine is pharmacogenomics, a discipline spanning classical pharmacology and human genetics. The education of future medical professionals on the potential of pharmacogenomics and its implementation into clinical practice still remains at a basic level. Knowledge about this emerging discipline will be essential for pharmacists to enhance therapeutic outcomes by maximizing efficacy and decreasing toxicity of drug therapy (Krynetskiy E, Lee Calligaro I. Introducing pharmacy students to pharmacogenomic analysis. Am J Pharm Education. (2009) 73(4): 71).


To this end, a 3-credit course "Pharmacogenomics and genetic basis of drug metabolism" has been established at School of Pharmacy for the second-year professional students. To stimulate PharmD students' interest in the practical application of pharmacogenomics, a laboratory component was added to the didactic material covering drug metabolism and Pharmacogenomics. The objectives of the laboratory, which was entitled "NAT2: Pharmacogenetic diversity" were: (1) to introduce students to the concepts and technologies of pharmacogenomics; (2) to demonstrate to the students the universal character of genetic variability in genes coding for drug-metabolizing enzymes, and (3) to demonstrate the importance of genetic analysis for practical pharmacotherapy.


The practical exercise was complemented by the lecture "Genetic polymorphism of arylamine N-acetyltransferases," in which biochemistry, genetics, and medical implications of genetic polymorphism in the NAT protein family were discussed. Read more about this on the Temple News website.