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Why Temple School of Pharmacy

cGMP Services
cGMP Services
Moulder Center

Jayne Haines Center for Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety

Research Areas

The Center applies existing knowledge about genetic variations (mostly single nucleotide polymorphsims, or SNPs) in human genome that affect activity of proteins involved in metabolism, transport, and physiological effect of drugs:


  • Study of the effects of genotype on drug response
  • Molecular mechanisms of drug action
  • Genetic polymorphisms
  • Pre-clinical and clinical collaborations
  • Drug discovery*
  • New drug target discovery


Ongoing scientific projects:

- "Pharmacogenomics of warfarin" - in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, Thrombosis Center of Temple University Hospital, and Jeannes Hospital.

- "Pharmacogenomic analysis of patients treated with domperidone for gastroparesis" - in collaboration with the Gastroenterology Department at Temple University Hospital; Dr. Henry Parkman, Chair; and Information Science and Technology Center, Temple University; Dr. Zoran Obradovic, Director.

- "Predictors of chronic pelvic pain" - in collaboration with the Urology Department at Temple University School of Medicine; Dr. Michel Pontari, Chair.

- "Neuronal structural protein polymorphisms and concussion" - in collaboration with the Kinesiology Department, TU College of Health Professions; Dr. Ryan Tierney, PI).

*in collaboration with the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery, TU School of Pharmacy