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Why Temple School of Pharmacy

cGMP Services
cGMP Services
Moulder Center

Jayne Haines Center for Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety


Approximately 370 sq. feet of recently renovated, fully equipped laboratory space accommodate instrumentation and reagents for DNA and RNA extraction from tissue samples, storage, and processing. The Center is equipped with standard equipment (refrigerators, freezers, ventilated and sterile hoods for sample processing, bench ambient temperature and refrigerated centrifuges, computers and software), and is located on the fourth floor of the Allied Health Building of the Temple University Health Sciences Campus.

An automated system for DNA and RNA extraction (Biorobot EZ1, Qiagen) and a robotic system for sample preparation (epMotion5070, Eppendorf) are installed in the same room. ABI Prism 7300 DNA Analyzer is available for fast-throughput SNP analysis and Real-Time PCR experiments. DNA storage system including electronic inventory is implemented in the Center for fast retrieval/reanalysis of DNA samples. General rules for preventing carry-over of amplified DNA are rigorously followed (e.g., a Clean-Spot workstation, UV irradiation of pipettors and plasticware, etc.). The Center is physically separated from other rooms where amplification of DNA or genetic engineering protocols are performed.