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Why Temple School of Pharmacy

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Q. Which degree to I need to become a registered pharmacist?

A. The Pharm.D. is a professional degree and graduates from this program are eligible to sit for the Board of Pharmacy Licensure examination to become registered pharmacists.


Q. How many years do I have to study to become a registered pharmacist?

A. It takes six years to earn a Pharm.D. degree. Temple School of Pharmacy requires applicants to have completed two years of pre-pharmacy either at Temple University or another accredited institution prior to matriculation.


Q. What are the prerequisite courses?

A.  Prerequisite course list is here.


Q. What counts as a Mosaic course?

A. Mosaic courses include fine arts, classics, music, philosophy, western civilization and astronomy. Contact Joan Hankins-Massaquoi for detailed information.


Q. Do I need to have all my prerequisites completed before I apply?

A. No, but all prerequisites must be completed before you begin the Pharm.D. program. Be sure to mark classes as planned or in progress in PharmCas.


Q. When should I apply?

A. You may apply after completion of at least 30 s.h. of prerequisite coursework.


Q. What is the application deadline?

A. The deadline for application is February 1, 2011 for admission in September of 2011.


Q. What are the admission requirements?

A. Admission requirements may be found on the PharmCAS website at http://www.pharmcas.org/collegesschools/schoolTemplepage.htm


Q. What is the tuition?

A. Tuition rates and University wide fees are available on the Bursar's website.


Q. What is the graduation rate? What are the NAPLEX pass rates?

A. You can find this information on our "About Us" page.


Q. My school uses a quarter system instead of a semester system. How do I calculate credits?

A. Multiply the number of credits you have by 0.66 to translate them into semester hours. Round partial credits of 0.5 and above up to the next semester hour; round credits of 0.4 and below down.


Q. Are prerequisites from a four-year school viewed more favorably than those from a community college?

A. No, that is not a consideration for acceptance.


Q. My school only had three-credit science courses so I only have six credits each of my sciences. Will that meet your requirements?

A. No, you must have a minimum of eight credits in each science to meet the requirements.


Q. Do you accept AP courses for prerequisites?

A. Yes.


Q. How important is the interview in my acceptance to the School of Pharmacy?

A. The interview is only one factor of your evaluation. The interview is designed to evaluate how you interact with other students as well as with a faculty member.


Q. Can I study pharmacy part time?

A. The program at Temple School of Pharmacy is full time.


Q. Do you have a post-baccalaurate PharmD program?

A. Not at this time.


Q. Can I start in the Spring Semester?

A. No. Pharm.D. students have a structured curriculum, each semester builds on the skills mastered in the previous semesters.


Q. Do you have on-line or flex courses?

A. Not at this time.


Q. How do I get registered as an intern?

A. In the beginning of your first professional year, you will be given a packet with information and forms from the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy accompanied by an explanation of the process.


Q. How safe is the campus?

A. Temple University takes the security of students, faculty and staff very seriously. Take a moment to visit the University's safety and security page.


Q. How do I apply for scholarship money?

A. Contact the Office of Financial Services. The Office of Student Services (Room 143) can also supply information regarding scholarships.


Q. How do I request a transcript?

A. Effective September 30, 2010 all transcripts will be processed by the Office of the University Registrar. Please go here and follow the directions to The National Student Clearinghouse. All other certification requests should be sent to Eileen Lichtenstein, Director of Student Services, Temple University School of Pharmacy, 3307 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140.


Q. How do alumni change their address?

A. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations and External Affairs at 215-707-7652. Alternatively, you should be able to do that on MyOwlSpace.


Q. How can I find out if my long-lost relative is a graduate?

A. You can contact the Office of Alumni Relations and External Affairs at 215-707-7652. However, the law does not permit us to give out contact information for alumni.


Q. How can I buy tickets for a basketball/football game?

A. Follow the link to Temple University Athletics.


Q. How do I buy something from the bookstore?

A. Follow the links to the University Book Store or the Health Science Center Bookstore.


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