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cGMP Services
cGMP Services
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cGMP Services

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Doctor of Pharmacy Students

Temple cGMP Services provides PharmD canidates with the opportunity to learn industrial pharmacy in an actual production setting. Each student worker recieves the following benefits:

  1. Free training in current Good Manufacturing Practices.
  2. A training file which can be used to prove credentials to potential employers.
  3. Pay comparable to most pharmacy intern positions.
  4. Flexible hours - The schedule is made to accommadate classes and exams.
  5. An understanding of clinical trials and how they are conducted.


Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. students at the school of pharmacy have the unique opportunity to study process development, formulation development and gain regulatory expertise from Temple cGMP Services. Our graduate student workers are supported by the revenue of the facility. This affords students the ability to work in research areas that would otherwise not be funded.


Graduate Students

The Temple School of Pharmacy Graduate Program provides opportunities for those interested in graduate work.


cGMP Residencies

Temple cGMP Services trains individuals in pharmaceutical production and regulations through practical, "hands-on" experience. This residency experience lasts 6 to 12 months. Residents must be sponsored by their employer, government or academic institution. Interested individuals should inquire by contacting Dr. Lebo at dlebo@temple.edu. Non-US residents must allow a minimum of 3-months for proper University and Visa approval.


QA/RA Programs

GMPs for the 21st Century Certificate

Non-thesis Masters in Pharmaceutics