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cGMP Services
cGMP Services
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cGMP Services

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Mission Statement

Temple cGMP Services is committed to the production of quality clinical supplies. We are committed to FDA compliance, Safety of our Personnel and meeting the educational goals of the School of Pharmacy. Our fees are dedicated to supporting the education of our students.



We are focused on the production and packaging of clinical supplies. Our expertise is in the production of high quality placebos.


Past Clients

  • Bloomsburg University
  • Coordinating Center for Biometric Research
          for the University of Minnesota
  • FMC Corporation
  • NuPathe Technologies
  • Sheppard Pratt
  • Temple University School of Health Professions,
         Department of Public Health
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center



Dr. Lebo's lab specializes in the physical-chemical aspects of drug solubility for improved drug delivery. Current projects include the study of polymer interactions with NSAIDs for improved dissolution and a formulation study to improve the nail and skin permeation of antifungal agents.