Celebrating Over 40 Years of Excellence in Community
Education, Service and Outreach!

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PASCEP offers a variety of programs and services to the community, including:

General Educational Development (GED) Classes
Preparatory courses in Mathematics, English, Reading and Science.

Basic Adult Literacy Skills
Preparation for learning to read, write and perform basic arithmetic, and prep for GED courses.

Tutorial Services
One-on-one and small group instruction for students in our GED and Basic Adult Literacy programs. Please contact us for further information.

Awarded to students based on attendance, achievement, participation and service to the class/program. Awarded upon recommendation of the instructor at the completion of classes. Please contact us for further information.

Public Events
With the motto: Keeping the Community Informed, PASCEP brings to its students and the general public a number of informative, cultural and entertaining events:
·Conferences and workshops focusing on major community concerns and cultural interests;
·Annual Commemorative Events: African American History Month, Kwanzaa and
Malcolm X's Birthday, among others. Please contact us for further information.

Prison Outreach Projects
For members of our community who are incarcerated, PASCEP provides courses, special lectures and cultural events to encourage and help develop and inspire productive citizenship among the residents. Please contact us for further information.

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