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*Fall 2014 / Spring 2015
Health Sciences Center, Main
and Ambler Campuses Parking On Sale*

Note 1 - Students who have not received their Temple Owlcard will be unable to log into website to purchase Fall or Spring parking privileges.

Note 2- Students who purchase parking privileges for the Ambler Campus online can pick their permits from the Main Campus Office or make other arrangements with our office at 215-204-5301.

Main Campus Fall 2014 Operations Schedule

Health Sciences Center Campus Fall 2014 Operations Schedule

2014 - 2015 Rates

Even with the changes to our operation, it will be necessary to implement some very low increases to parking rates for faculty and staff beginning July 1, 2014. Employee rates will increase by 1.7% at Main Campus ($2.00 per month), 2.5% at HSC ($3.00 per month), and 12% at Ambler ($13 per year). However, all student rates at all campuses will remain the same. The following schedule summarizes the changes in rates:

Parking Options

2013-2014 Rates

2014-2015 Rates

Hourly (Cash / Credit / Diamond Dollars)



Part-Time (Debit Card) Registration



Cash / Event / Privilege Card



Commuter Student (Semester)



Resident Student (Semester)



Main Campus Employee Monthly



HSC Employee Monthly



Ambler Employee (Academic Year)



Ambler Student (Semester)



Ambler Student (Academic Year)



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