Temple University
Office of Parking Services


Main Campus Group Parking (Please note the following prices are applicable until September 1, 2012)

  • Monday through Friday, during normal operating hours of respective areas:         
    • Entrance before 3:00 PM is $14.00/car.
    • Entrance after 3:00 PM is $12.00/car for inside groups and $14.00/car for outside groups;
    • Area #2 and the Liacouras Garage are $12.00/car on Non-event and Event days.
  • Weekend inside group rate is $640.00 for an 8-hour minimum reservation of 75 parking spaces.  Each additional hour is assessed at $80.00/hour.
  • Weekend outside group rate is $700.00 for an 8-hour minimum reservation of 75 parking spaces. Each additional hour is assessed at $87.50/hour.
  • Parking Functions that exceed 75 vehicles will be assessed @ $14.00/car (over 75 vehicles).

Special group parking arrangements should be made at the Office of Parking Services at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the function. Arrangments made in less than forty eight (48) hours prior to the function will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee.

Main Campus Guest Parking

  • Guest Parking is available in Area #1, #2, #7, # 10 and Liacouras Garage at the rate of $14.00/car.

The Parking Garage at the Liacouras Center offers hourly rates effective September 1, 2012:

Up to 2 Hours  $6.00
2 - 3 Hours $7.00
Over 3 hours to closing $14.00
Event Rate $14.00

NOTE: On days when an event is scheduled, parking fees are collected upon entrance at the current $14.00 event rate. Hourly rates do not apply on these days.

  • The charge for lost ticket at all areas and garage is $22.00 

If a University department wants to absorb the cost of a guest's parking, a Parking Privilege Card should be issued to the guest, to be returned to the attendant upon leaving. All attended parking areas accept parking privilege cards for payment.




















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