Temple University
Office of Parking Services


Ambler Information

Address: Bursar's Office, Room 101 West Hall; (267) 468-8250  
All Temple University students and employees who want to park their motor vehicles, including motorcycles, on the Ambler Campus MUST purchase a parking. Hangtags are sold at the Bursar's Office, Room 101, West Hall. Temple University is not responsible for lost hangtags. Below are the 2012- 2013 Parking Rates for the Ambler Campus:

  • Ambler Annual Student Registration fee ~ $82.00 (Parking Area #3)
  • Semester Student Registration fee ~ $50.00 (Parking Area #3)
  • Ambler Annual Employee Registration fee ~ $102.00 (Parking Area #1 & #2)
  • Summer Registration (May 15th through August 17th period) fee ~ $20.00   

The Student Lot (Parking Area #3) is the large parking lot across Meetinghouse Road from the campus proper. All students who are issued RED parking hangtags are authorized to park in the Commuter Lot.

Employees and Visitors (Parking Area #1) is the small parking area directly across Meetinghouse Road from the campus proper. Parking in this area is reserved for faculty, staff and visitors.

              Handicapped Parking is available for handicapped students and employees within the campus and is clearly marked. 

        Main Campus Parking - Ambler students who have purchased either a RED or YELLOW hangtag are authorized to park in Area #5 on the Main Campus on a debit card basis.  Debit Card arrangements may be completed at the Main Campus Office of Parking Services, located in the Student Activities Center Building, 13th Street and Montgomery Avenue.  Your Temple ID and your Ambler hangtag are the mechanisms that control your entrance to the parking area.

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