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Your course activities may be supplemented by audio and video interactions (powered by WIMBA tools inserted into your Blackboard course) . If you are not able to run the wizard and enter your course live classroom, please feel free to contact Wimba, 24/7, at a toll free number: (866) 350-4978 or to send your inquiries via email to technicalsupport@wimba.com.

To learn more about Wimba and the tools it offers, follow the instructions below. Click here to view video tutorial.

  1. Select the ‘Course Material’ link to access one of the following tools:  
    1. Voice Message
      Horizon Wimba also offers a tool by which you can listen to a pre-recorded message from your instructor. These messages will appear under your various Blackboard links.
    • Click on the Play symbol of this message to listen to it.
    • It is possible to Save this recording by selecting the downward facing arrow of the message box and selecting ‘Save As.’

    1. Voice Direct (chat room)
  • This tool allows for only one person to speak at a time.

  • You may click on the hand icon, or press the Control key to request the microphone.

  • This tool Archives the Conference.  To access the Conference Archives, click on the Archives link in the top right of the screen.   

  • Type in the Text Field at the bottom of the screen to speak with others during the Conference. 

  • Select the ‘Voice Direct Conference’ to enter this tool.

  • Choose the Setup Wizard option at the bottom of the screen to check the ability of your computer to run this tool.


    1. Voice E-mail
  • To send a voice email to your instructor, select the appropriate link on your Blackboard site.

  • This tool allows you to send a voice message to your instructor in addition to added text you may feel is necessary to complete the message. 

  • Click the black circle within the voice recording box to begin recording your voice message.

  • Make additional comments in the Text Area toward the bottom of the screen and select ‘Send’ for your message to be sent to your instructor. 


         d. Live Classroom

  • After entering this link, your screen may appear as shown below:


  • Click on the ‘Live Classroom’ link to access this tool.
  • After entering this link, your screen may appear as shown below:



  • It is important that you run the setup wizard to ensure your computer has the updated technology needed to run Horizon Wimba tools.  Click on the setup wizard link on the right side of the screen.


  • Click ‘Start’ to begin checking the status of your computer. 
  • Choose to Allow Popups for this site by selecting Tools, Pop-up Blocker, and Turn Off Pop-up Blocker. 


  • Follow the setup wizard prompts to complete the status check of your computer. 
  • In addition to running the setup wizard, visit, if needed,
  1. www.sun.com to download the free JAVA pluggin.
  2. www.apple.com to download the free Quick Time software. 
  • Click on the ‘Free Download’ link to begin installing any of the above mentioned Players.


Now that your computer has all of the necessary tools to run Horizon Wimba, it may be helpful to Restart your computer before entering the Live Classroom.

  • The Live Classroom screen is as shown below:


  • You may use the Text Field at the bottom of the screen to communicate with your class.
  • You may also use the Yes, No, and ? buttons to answer polling questions and indicate that you have a question. 
  • Depending on the set-up decided upon by your instructor, your setup may be 2-way audio (giving you the opportunity to speak and be heard) or may be 1-way audio / video (allowing you to see and hear the professor). 

Additional support can be asked, directly to Wimba, 24/7, at a toll free number: (866) 350-4978.


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