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Before you have registered for a distance education course, make sure you understand the difference between:

Online Course vs. Videoconferencing Course


After you have registered for an online course and you have received confirmation that you are now in the course, you would need to go through the following steps to make sure you are ready to start the course before the semester starts:


Getting Course Information

A few weeks prior to the start of the semester, you should expect to receive an e-mail message from the Distance Learning Program with additional relevant online learning information. Make sure to e-mail your professor before the semester starts so that you can learn when the classes begin, which course platform will be used, which textbooks are required, if there will be any face-to-face meetings and any other questions you might have. Please feel free to contact the Program office (215) 204-2712 or by e-mail online@temple.edu if you have questions about online learning.

Internet Access

Due to the fact that you will probably will need to spend more time online while taking an online course, it is recommended that you have a fast Internet connection. If you do not currently have an Internet Service Provider, please read more about the Temple DCANET Access Program.

Course Platform

Online courses may or not have campus meetings. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the course instructor prior to the semester to learn if there will be any campus meeting for the online course you have enrolled for. When a course is offered entirely online, all course interactions among students and faculty happens via the Internet.

Blackboard: Most of the activities for your online course will take place via Blackboard (if your course is offered via Blackboard). The following present general information on this platform and how you can prepare to use it before your course starts. However, if your professor has informed you that s/he is not using Blackboard, please follow hers or his instructions. In order to be able to use Blackboard, you must have an AccessNet account through Temple University. You can also get more detailed information on Blackboard by following the link to blackboard on Computer Services Website. Once you login to Blackboard, click on the course you have registered and then go to the “resources” tab. There you will find useful information on Blackboard, navigation, technical support and many other features.

Videoconferencing courses are campus bound. Each videoconferencing course usually links two campus classrooms with the professor being in one of them, and interacting with the remote students via videoconferencing equipment.

Course Listserv

Listserv is an electronic mail system that allows instructors and students to reach every member of the class and send collective e-mail messages. Your instructor may or may not decide to use this tool as part of the course. If s/he does, s/he will subscribe your e-mail address to the course’s listserv at the beginning of the semester. Thus, every time you check your e-mail account you will be able to find announcements or news relevant to your class (please note that your instructor will be sending messages to you Temple Email address).

ATTENTION: because of the collective nature of listservs, you must be careful not to send private messages that are intended for a particular recipient.




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