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Video Tutorials About WEBEX

(page under construction)

The following videos were designed to introduce you to WEBEX training room features. Please note that some of the information presented may not exactly reflect the features being adopted per your school or college. If for some reason you do not have access to a feature described in the videos, please contact us and we can provide you with alternative solutions for the types of actvities that you are trying to accomplish with your virtual class.

1. Audio Conference Video:
Overview: This video will describe how to connect your audio for a WebEx training session. Participants have the option to call into the session with a microphone headset or via a session specific telephone number.

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2. Participant Panel: How to transmit video
Overview: This video will describe how to turn on your web camera within a WebEx training session. Video within a session can be seen via full screen or thumbnail images to enable instructor to see all, some, or only the active speaker according to their personal preference or needs during a training session.

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3.  Participant Panel: Communication Tools
Overview: The Participant Panel provides all attendees in a WebEx training session to view the list and/or video images of those logged into the session. Moreover, the Participant Panel offers an array of tools to all logged in including polling features and emoticons that can be used to track student attention and engagement during a training session.

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4. Participant Panel: Updating Attendee Privileges and Roles
Overview: Instructors in the WebEx virtual classroom have the ability to change and assign roles of participants. Learn how to “pass the ball” and enable a participant to share a document or their desktop. Additionally, this video will guide instructors on how to remove and change participant privileges during your training session.  

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5. Chat Panel
Overview: The Chat Panel provides all participants within the WebEx training session the ability to communicate via text. Instructors and students can type messages to one another, either privately or to the entire group, to discuss course concepts or ask questions. The Chat Panel is a great resource to encourage active student participation during a training session.

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6. Recorder Panel:
Overview: This video will describe how to locate and Record a WebEx training session. Recording a session is a useful tool to review course material and assist student review.

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7. Manage Panels:
Overview: The WebEx training session includes multiple panels for the instructor to access. These panels include the Participant, Chat, Q&A, Polls and Breakout Sessions. This video will allow you to organize the panels to your liking enabling easy access to those you will use more frequently as well as updating the panels participants can and cannot view.

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8. Q&A:
Overview: The Q&A Panel enables participants to ask questions directly to the host of a session. Using the Q&A Panel, students can communicate directly with the host by sending a question to them. Instead of using the Chat Panel to ask questions, the Q&A Panel offers students direct contact to the instructor to inform them of their query.

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9a. Share Video:
Overview: There are multiple ways to share content within the WebEx virtual classroom. Using the Share option, you can share a file, video, PowerPoint, Word document, Excel file, a web page and more with participants in a live session or to review during a  recording.

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9b. Share Polling Panel:
Overview: There are multiple ways to share content within the WebEx virtual classroom. The brief video will introduce you to how the floating panel works

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10: Invite and Remind:
Overview: The Invite and Remind feature allows you to send a reminder email to participants about your session. Selecting to “Send and Remind” enables you to quickly send an email or call participants while logged into your training session to instantly join the session.

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11. Breakout Sessions:

Overview: Breakout Sessions can be used during a training session to enable student-to-student interaction for group discussion and completing group projects. This video will demonstrate how to set up Breakout Sessions and distribute participants into various consecutive sessions at the same time. As the instructor, you will be able to move between all concurrent sessions to check on group progress and monitor group activity. Breakout sessions can be created at any time during a meeting and can be started and stopped at your convenience.
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12. Manage Session:
Overview: During a training session, WebEx enables instructors to view the information on the session such as the link and phone numbers to join the audio conference via telephone; add or update the Greeting message participants view when logging in; update various Session Options; and Restrict Access to the room to keep late students from accessing the session. These features help you to manage the session in order to maintain consistency and communication with your participants.

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Office of Distance and Summer Programs
671 Ritter Annex, 1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19122
Phone: 215-204-2712 | Fax: 215-204-2666 | Email: