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Welcome to the third edition of the Distance Learning Faculty Newsletter! In this newsletter we're featuring an interview with Professor Eva Monheim on her horticulture class.  We also have the results of a poll taken this past summer on online learning, a new instant messenger system to introduce, and lots of tips for both students and faculty to manage their online classes.  Thank you and enjoy the newsletter!

- Dominique Kliger, Ph.D. and Cara Eckenrode

Distance Learning Interviews


We had the opportunity to interview Professor Eva Monheim via Wimba about her course Fundamentals of Horticulture.  Follow the link below to log into Wimba as a guest to watch her presentation!


Professor Eva Monheim's Interview

Wimba Session, enter your name to view this session as a guest participant. There is no need to enter a login id or password.






Wimba Pronto

Thereís a new tool in online teaching from Wimba!  Wimba Pronto is an instant messenger program that allows students to instantly talk to their instructors and each other.  Instructors have the ability to invite students from a class list into a chat room, where students can have group discussions or work together on group projects. 

For more information and to download Pronto visit

Library Express!



Library Express!  Online search tools and library services provide students with rapid access to the intellectual content necessary for meeting your learning objectives. Integrating them into Blackboard provides convenient access.  Let Temple's librarians create customized course guides for the unique needs of your class.  



How To:  Enable and Disable MP3 and MP4 Downloads in your Wimba Classroom

One of the main benefits of online learning is it allows students to schedule their classroom time more flexibly than a traditional course.  Wimba makes online learning even more convenient by giving students the ability to download archived classroom sessions in MP3 format for audio and MP4 format for video.  These files can be downloaded and stored on an mobile device, such as an MP3 player or cell phone, meaning that students no longer have to be tied to their computers to view their course content.  Studying can be done on the go, without the need to access a computer.

To make sure your class content is available for your students to download, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Wimba Liveclassroom through Blackboard.
  2. The archived sessions will be listed at the bottom of the page.  For the session to be downloadable, the dot under the Access heading must be green.  If it is orange, click the dot to change the setting and allow that session to be accessed. 
  3. Click on the Settings button for the archive you want to work with.  Find the Portable Media Settings section and click to open it.  The default setting allows MP3 and MP4 files to be downloaded- if you do not want to allow downloads, uncheck the boxes.
  4. For MP4 files, you can chose what type of content you would like to include in the download.  Under the heading What content is most important in your MP4?, you can select whether you would like to include video camera content along with the AppShare, slide and eBoard content.

Helping Your Students with Online Learning Technologies

In August 2009 the Office of Distance Learning polled students about their experiences with online classes.  One of the topics we asked about was the online learning technology and what it was like adapting to this style of learning.  When asked if they felt they received adequate instructions for setting up and logging on to their online courses, 91% of students agreed that they did.  However, 27% said that they still had some kind of trouble actually logging on and accessing the material.  Even with good instructions for accessing their courses, the technology can sometimes be tricky to navigate.  This is especially true if it's the student's first time with this technology- 55% reported that they had never before taken an online course.  7% also said that they were unaware of the course's technological requirements beforehand, something that would definitely affect their ability to log on and access the material. 

To help your students move as smoothly as possible through the technologies of online learning, there are a number of resources you can provide them. 

  • Support for Wimba is available from the Wimba Tech Support line, a help line thatís open 24 hours a day for any trouble students may have with Wimba.  The number for Wimba Tech Support is 866-350-4978.  Students can email:

  • For help with parts of Templeís website, such as Blackboard and TUmail, the Help Desk is open for students to call at 215-204-8000 or submit and track  an online tech support request at:

  • For their convenience, all students enrolled in an online course now also are enrolled in the Distance Learning Program Blackboard Community. They now have 24/7 easy access to tech support numbers, tips on how to purchase textbooks online and on managing their online course work, and access to Temple University's Computer and Network Security Policy and Student Code of Conduct.

Make sure to tell your students about these valuable resources!

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Conversational Series & Useful Information:


Please join us during the Spring semester for a virtual coffee hour, where you can discuss online learning with other faculty members! The virtual coffee hour will be held every Thursday from noon to 1pm. To join, simply visit This Liveclassroom Link. You can also join the room via telephone by calling (201)-549-7592 and entering 15915387 as a pin number. No login id and passwords are needed to join this live classroom.



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