According to Mark Bevenour, in a nut shell Wimba Pronto could allow you students, faculty and staff to easily 
communicate and collaborate with each other in the event of a campus shutdown.   


The link below describes plans that many schools already have in place. 

"Using Online Technology for Disaster Preparation and Recovery
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, several nursing classes at the LSU Health Sciences Center relied on Wimba and other online course technologies to help teach its students despite some being displaced and despite some campus buildings being completely non-operational. Join Mr. Glenn Ruiz as he gives a first-hand account of the creative ways which allowed several courses to thrive. You will also learn several other examples of schools that have used similar technologies to plan for pandemics and survive fires and floods. Hopefully this presentation will spark ideas for your own disaster preparedness plans."

Originally Aired: Spring 2009

View the August 18th presentation at Temple Tech Center
Name: Mark Bevenour's Wimba Session at Temple - 08/17/2009 11:01

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