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FIPSE/CAPES Grant 2010-2014

Award #: P116M100002

Academic Consortium Among:

US FlagTemple University  Universidade Federal da Bahia
 St Cloud State University Universidade Tuiuti do Parana

The primary goal of this project is to promote cross-national awareness and understanding of the
significant contributions people with disabilities make to work environments. Students participating
in this program will engage in multi-cultural activities to gain knowledge and awareness about the
social consideration and technological solutions that raise employment opportunities for people
with disabilities. College graduates transitioning to their initial job will have increased their
knowledge about issues related to corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, global
citizenship, and social justice. 

Students participating in this program will become advocates of accommodations needed in the
workforce that promote and increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in all sectors of their
local communities. Since 2006 the United Nations made a decisive move to promote, worldwide,
the adoption of the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This Convention reaffirms
that people with disabilities have a right to “enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms”. 
Through the exchange of students and faculty and the development of a shared multidisciplinary
curriculum, program participants will increase their cultural competence. In addition, they will also
gain hands-on experiences through the site visits and/or internships offered as part of this program,
and will become familiar with tools that assist the growth and the strengthening of their community
business practices towards the creation of a better world.

This program is also designed to support the US-Brazil Joint Action Plan Policy Goals, such as:
1. Increase the number of primary school teachers trained in multicultural education and teaching
strategies; and 2. Increase employment for Afro-descendant and other racially discriminated
groups in professional careers.  Students majoring in education will expand and extend learning
from courses emphasizing multicultural issues through this cross-cultural exchange.  
Afro-descendants from the US or Brazil will be encouraged to participate and will have
opportunities to explore issues related to the African Diaspora in each country.

At the end of this grant project a total of 48 students from two U.S. institutions (Temple University
and St. Cloud State University) and two Brazilian institutions (Universidade Tuiuti do Parana and
Unversidade Federal da Bahia) will be better prepared to impact the workforce situation of their
local towns and cities, and be better advocates for the positive impact of raising employment
opportunities for people with disabilities.

U.S. Lead: Temple University
U.S. Partner: St. Cloud State University
Brazil Lead: Universida Federal of Bahia
Brazil Partner: Universidade Tuiuti do Parana

Contact Information:

In the U.S In Brazil
Dominique Kliger,
Temple University
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
665 Ritter Annex Bldg
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Iolanda Cortelazzo
Universidade Tuiuti do Parana
Curitiba, PA 82010-330
55 (41) 3331-7661
Kathryn Johnson
St. Cloud State University
720 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301-4498
(Office B251 Education Building)
(320) 308-3268
Theresinha Miranda
Universidade Federal da Bahia
Avenida Reitor Miguel Calmon
s/n - Campus Canela -
40.110 100 - Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
55 (71) 3283 7231