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Health Care Courses "On-Line"

What is On-Line Learning?

On-Line Learning (OLL) allows students to take courses without attending classes regularly on campus using modes other than the traditional lecture. OLL is conducted primarily through dial-in access to Temple University’s mainframe computer. A registered on-line student is assigned an account, password, and supporting documentation and software to access the mainframe. The instructor and student communicate primarily "on-line" using email and listservs.  OLL may also involve ancillary learning materials such as videotapes, printed material, computer disks, or CD-ROMs. Each course is different, so specific questions should be directed to the course instructor.

Credit for courses completed in OLL mode are the same as for courses attended on campus. Student transcripts do not indicate that a course was completed in a OLL mode.

Temple University On-Line Courses and OLL Registration Information

Minimum Computer Requirements and
Student Computer Skills Requirements

Each student is responsible for having reasonable access to computer hardware, software, and  appropriate communications links prior to enrolling in the course. Each student will need an internet browser (Netscape 2.0 or later OR Internet Explorer)

A 486 processor, or better, is recommended  OR MAC System 7 with minimum of a 14.4 baud modem, and internet access. Individual student computer skills should include acquaintance with email, internet searching, and listservs. The Temple University Bookstore sells computer software which is discounted to students.


College of Allied Health Professions

On-Line Learning Course:

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    Falls in Older Adults; Causes, Assessment and Prevention    3 SH

This course meets the requirements for graduate credit and, in some cases, can be applied to meet professional licensure requirements. The course can also be taken for self-learning and can be taken without being a matriculated student at Temple University.

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