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Things you can do to reduce your risk of falling



Do you have:

check.gif (662 bytes)    Unsafe stairs?

check.gif (662 bytes)    Broken or worn steps?

Repair broken or worn steps. Keep them free of clutter.

check.gif (662 bytes)    Broken or missing railings.

Repair or install handrails on stairs, if possible.

check.gif (662 bytes)    Poor lighting?

Do you have:

check.gif (662 bytes)    Throw rugs?

check.gif (662 bytes)    Clutter?

check.gif (662 bytes)    Regularly used items out of reach?

Do You Have:

check.gif (662 bytes)    Spills that go un-wiped?

check.gif (662 bytes)    Furniture that is difficult to get in and out of?

  check.gif (662 bytes)    A phone that is not accessible?

Safety Tip: Change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clock for daylight savings time.

Please Note:  This brochure does not include all potential causes of falls. It is a starting point. Contact your doctor or health care provider if you have further questions, or need help with making changes.

Please make copies of this brochure and distribute!

This brochure was developed by: S.A.F.E. (Students Against Falls in the Elderly) ,  Roberta Newton, Ph.D.   

Funded by HRSA/US Public Health Service Grant.

Roberta Newton, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Therapy
Temple University
3307 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-5101

Voice: 215-707-4897       E-mail:


Pub 02.97
1997 The Fall Prevention Project

"Check It Out!" brochure


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