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About the Fall Prevention Project

Fall Prevention in Older Adults is a federally-funded grant project directed by Roberta A. Newton, Ph.D., PT, Professor of Physical Therapy and Professor of Medicine at Temple University.

The  project objective is to inform and educate the groups listed above about the causes of falls in older adults, and the assessment, rehabilitative, and health promotion measures which can be taken to reduce the risk of falls in this age group.

HEROS (Health, Education, Research and Outreach for Seniors) is an outgrowth of the Fall Prevention in Older Adults Project.

To meet this objective, the Fall Prevention Project and HEROS offers resources to each target audience group.

For the Consumer: Older Adults and Their Families

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URLs of World Wide Web sites which include additional information of interest to older adults and their families about fall prevention and aging.

For Health Care Students and Practitioners, Educators and Agencies

         On-line course: Falls in Older Adults: Causes, an Evidence Based Review is available. This is the first in a series of educational modules on falls, their assessment and reduction/prevention. Additional educational modules related to Older Adult Foot Health and Assessment are also available. Click Here then click on the Course button and select the course you would like to review.

This manual provides guidelines and information to assist both current and retired health care professionals in developing presentations on fall prevention for community-dwelling older adults.  Such talks, prepared using this manual, are one method to increase awareness about falls and fall prevention. 

This training manual is an outgrowth of the Fall Prevention Program. The intent of the manual is to assist health professional trainers and health professional trainees with knowledge and skills to provide a quick fall risk screen to community dwelling older adults, knowledge about intervention programs that have been shown to be effective, and materials to develop educational programs for community dwelling older adults.

Forward your e-mail request for any of the above items to  Be sure to specify which language(s) you wish and include:

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         Other Resources on Fall Prevention and Aging for Professionals and Organizations

URLs of World Wide Web sites which include additional information of interest to individual practitioners, educators and agencies about fall prevention and aging.

The National Council on the Aging developed Falls Free: Promoting a National Falls Prevention Action Plan.  As part of the Falls Free Coalition, we support the strategies developed in this Action Plan.

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