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Music Therapy Course Scheduling
Fall 2008



Music therapy courses are scheduled every 2, 3 or 4 semesters depending upon how each course fits within its respective degree schedule. Careful scheduling helps to control course enrollment while also enabling faculty to offer a greater number and variety of courses without exceeding load requirements.

At the undergraduate level: MT overview 4611 is offered yearly; MT Clinical Training 4685 is offered every semester; all methods and experiences classes are offered every 3 semesters; MT Ethics 4618, MT Research 4696 & MT Foundations 4613 are offered every two semesters.

At the master's level, all core courses are offered on a three-semester rotation, except Advanced MT Practicum, Advanced Clinical Training, and Final Project 9995 which are offered every semester.

At the doctoral level, all core courses are offered on a four-semester rotation, except for MT Doctoral Seminar 9641 which is offered every semester. Apprenticeship 8625, Dissertation Proposal 9998, and Dissertation Research 9999 are also offered every semester.






Department of Music Education and Therapy