Review Sessions

Information about Review Sessions

Review Sessions take place in a large group format utilizing problem sets provided by the academic department. To get the most out of the review sessions, students are encouraged to attempt these problem sets before the session takes place. All students have been enrolled in an MSRC Blackboard Organization for their respective courses served by the MSRC. All review session informatin can be found on these Blackboard sites including dates, times, locations and Department-supplied review materials. (Note: If you would no longer like to be enrolled in an MSRC Blackboard Organization, please email and you will be removed).

Which courses typically run review sessions?

Note: If your department would like to begin running review sessions in cooperation with the MSRC, please email

Where and when can I get the review material?

The material used in the review sessions, which is supplied to the MSRC by faculty and academic departments, will be made available to you through the MSRC Blackboard Organization specific to your course. (Note: If you previously asked to be removed from the organization and would like to re-enroll, pleae email with your accessnet username [ex. tua12345] and course you would like to rejoin)

Is the review material just like my exam?

Not necessarily. Students are responsible for all material taught in class, but the review session will sample concepts and problems from across the course material. There may be types of problems on the test that are not on a particular review for one reason or another.

How do I prepare for a review session?

These sessions are intended to help you get into exam mode, so you need to have attempted the problems prior to the review and then attend the session to tie up loose ends and ask further questions. Due to time contraints, all students will be asked to refrain from asking lengthy and multiple questions during the review session; students will be referred back to the Main Campus MSRC to work with tutors on further questions outside the tiem of the review session.

What if I cannot attend the scheduled review session, will there be a recording?

Most review sessions are recorded using Temple's Class Capture technology. If a session is recorded, it will be uploaded to the MSRC Blackboard Organization for that course within 24 hours. Should you not be able to attend the review session in person, or you would like to review a problem again at your own pace, watching recorded session is a great way to check your understanding once the review has posted.

What if I have questions after the review session has ended?

All students are encouraged to use all of the resoruces that the MSRC has to offer and will be directed to tutoring located at the Main Campus MSRC tutoring lab.

NOTE: Hard copies of the review will not be provided. Please print the sample problem set before coming to the review session.