Private Tutor Request

If you are interested in hiring a Private Tutor, the CLASS is happy to submit your request to our tutors using our listserve. Please fill out the following form in its entirety and the request will be sent out shortly. Only one request per person per course will be sent out per week.

The CLASS currently employs tutors for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Economics, CIS and limited Biology courses. All requests for Private Tutoring will be sent to these tutors only. If you are seeking tutoring for a course in a Department from which we do not currently employ any tutors, we recommend contacting the Department directly for recommendations as to where to seek private tutoring.

While you are welcome to offer any payrate for Private Tutoring, it may be helpful to keep in mind that CLASS tutors are paid at a rate of at least $10/hr for the time they work in the Tutoring Lab.

Please note:The CLASS cannot guarantee a response and therefore does not guarantee a match with a tutor. Once the request is sent, all arrangements are between the requester and responding tutor.

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