Online Tutoring

Information about Online Tutoring

The CLASS uses WebEx as a means for Online Tutoring for all courses that the CLASS serves. If you are an Online-Exclusive student or are taking classes at one of Temple's satellite campues like Ambler, TUCC or Temple Harrisburg, you will be enrolled in the "_Support -- Distance Learning" Blackboard Organization each semester.

What technology will I need to participate?

Tutors and students will need a computer with the WebEx add-on's installed (see directions in CLASS Blackboard Organization), a pair of headphones and an Internet connection. (Ambler students may visit the Ambler CLASS in the Learing Center, Room 102 for a preconfigured online tutoring station).

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Students participating in online tutoring will be asked to email to schedule an appointment at least one business day in advance to set up a meeting with a tutor from main campus using WebEx.

How long is the appointment?

Appointments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour unless otherwise requested.

How will the online tutoring session work?

The student will come prepared with questions to ask the tutor and have completed work in advance to help show the tutor where the student is currently in the learning process. The tutor will facilitate the session and save the work completed during the session to a .pdf file that will be emailed to the student following the session. The student is encouraged to work on scrap paper along with the tutor so that the learning is done in their hand-writing.