Tutoring by Appointment

Tutoring by Appointment is indefinitely suspended.

The intent of tutoring by appointment is to facilitate the group learning/study group process. Groups of two or more students working together on common course material and assignments are encouraged to make an appointment when other avenues of academic support (i.e. working together on an assignment, following up with an instructor, etc.) are exhausted. If you don't have a study partner, it's a great time to get to know someone in class and take advantage of a longer tutoring time period with a tutor.

  1. Students can begin to sign up for scheduled tutoring for a certain week the Friday prior to the start of the week. For example, if you wish to sign up for a session the week of January 30, 2007, you may sign up as early as Friday, January 27, 2007.
  2. Students can only sign up for 1 scheduled appointment per week. Each appointment is one hour long. You must see a supervisor in the tutoring center to sign up for a session.
  3. When making a group appointment, the names of all the students in the group must be given at the time of scheduling the appointment.
  4. You must show up for your appointment on time. After 5 minutes, the tutor will no longer be available.
  5. The same policies for walk-in tutoring apply to all scheduled tutoring sessions. Please come prepared with specific questions or issues that you are having with your course material.
  6. At the second occurrence of failing to follow any of the guidelines above, students will no longer be permitted to sign up for scheduled tutoring.