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Spring 2015: Incoming Student (Transfers) Registration Instructions
Program ID: XL1P-X1ND-701Z-00W2

Cost: $12.00 for a 16-week access code

Current Student Registration Instructions
Program ID: XL1I-01J2-101Z-90W2

Cost: $12.00 for a 16-week access code

Could you use a refresher in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra or Precalculus?

The Math Placement Test is a great indicator of your ability level in quantitative courses. Since all Temple undergraduate students are required to take at least one college-level quantitative course to complete their General Education or major requirements, MyMathTest is a great, cost-effective way to help you prepare for the placement test. Unlike other Math preparatory programs, the content of MyMathTest has been developed by Temple's Math faculty and builds specific study plans and exercises to refresh and reinforce your math skills. Once enrolled in MyMathTest, the tutors can assist you with the material in the same way as students taking an MSRC-served course.

If you are already a Temple student or a transfer student looking to refresh your Math skills, MyMathTest is a cost-effective way for you to review Math concepts used in various courses at Temple University.

What does it mean for you?

Depending on your major, you will either be required to take a GenEd Quantitative course or higher-level mathematics/ statistics courses. The following two scenarios highlight how refreshing your math skills before testing can save you time and money.

Scenario 1: You're in a major that requires a General Education quantitative course and/or an Introductory Statistics course, but you placed into Math 701: Elementary Algebra or Math 702: Intermediate Algebra.
Outcome: You will be required to take either Math 701: Elementary Algebra and/or Math 702: Intermediate Algebra. Both are noncollege-level math courses, which, in most cases, do not count towards your degree. Thus, you may spend valuable time and money on courses for which you may have only needed a refresher.

Scenario 2: You choose a math or statistics intensive major (such as one in the College of Science & Technology, College of Engineering, or School of Business) but place into either Math 701: Elementary Algebra, Math 702: Intermediate Algebra, Math 1021: College Algebra or Math 1022: Pre-Calculus.
Outcome: It is likely that you will not be permitted to take certain courses until you have completed the math/quantitative prerequisites. This will put you behind by at least one semester and likely delay your graduation.

RECOMMENDATION: Refresh your math skills by using MyMathTest before you take the Math Placement Test! For only $12.00, you will receive 16-weeks of access to an online math refresher and practice system. Consistent use of the program can help better reflect your ability level, which can then help you avoid the cost of additional courses and a delayed graduation.

How it works...

After registering, you can take diagnostic practice tests (starting at the first level so you get a full analysis of your ability). The results are analyzed and MyMathTest creates a study plan with related exercises to refresh and build your skills for concepts with which you still need help.

Personalized Study Plan: Based on your initial test results, MyMathTest generates a personalized Study Plan that shows at a glance which topics you need to practice and which have been mastered. This is where the greatest benefit comes from using MMT. Practice questions come with tutorial help, including videos, step-by-step instruction, and other study aids.

All the practice material is prepared or selected by the Mathematics Department at Temple University. Thus, MyMathTest is not only useful for proper math placement but it also gives you a glimpse into Temple's courses.

Summing up!

MyMathTest is tailored to Temple's quantitative learning goals. This means that it emphasizes the necessary concepts to help you recall and build skills you may have forgotten. Because it can help you place into a mathematics/quantitative course that more appropriately aligns with your abilities, it has the potential to save you significant time and money. Basically, the higher you place, the fewer resources you need to spend on lower-level courses for which you may have only needed a refresher. MyMathTest serves as that refresher!

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