Here at the MSRC, our main goal is to help students learn and tutoring is our main interface to facilitate that.

Walk-in Tutoring

The MSRC provides walk-in tutoring for many courses. If you do not see your course on the list it does not mean we cannot help you. Please look at our tutoring schedules to see when tutoring is available in your subject.

Online Tutoring

The MSRC is proud to announce that it is now offering Online Tutoring accessible from Temple Ambler and Center City campuses. Online tutoring allows students to connect with a tutor on main campus via webchat and virtual whiteboard. This service can be used whenever our main campus tutoring center is open.

More Details Coming Soon!

Review Sessions

The sessions are intended to help you get into exam mode. The material used in the review sessions, which is supplied to the MSRC by faculty and academic departments, is a sampling of concepts and is not all encompassing. There may be types of problems on the test that are not on a particular review. You will still be responsible for all material taught in class. All review problem sets and answer keys will be available on the MSRC Blackboard site.

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Refreshing Math Skills with ALEKS or MyMathTest

Are you an incoming or current Temple student who could use a refresher in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra or Precalculus? ALEKS & MyMathTest are cost-effective, online programs designed to allow students to work at their own pace and refresh their Math skills without taking a course.

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Tutoring by Appointment (This service has been suspended due to low usage)

The intent of tutoring by appointment is to facilitate the group learning/study group process. Groups of two or more students working together on common course material and assignments are encouraged to make an appointment when other avenues of academic support (i.e. working together on an assignment, following up with an instructor, etc.) are exhausted. If you don't have a study partner, it's a great time to get to know someone in class and take advantage of a longer tutoring time period with a tutor.

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