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Interested in a job with the MSRC? We have both academic and non-academic jobs for undergraduates and graduates. Explore the job options and submit an application when you are ready.

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The MSRC is now accepting applications for all positions for the Fall 2015 semester.

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MSRC Staff

General Information:

Tutor: Provides peer-to-peer academic support via tutoring and review sessions in undergraduate math, science and statistics courses.

Office Staff: Assist in day-to-day operation of the MSRC. Employees will perform basic data analysis, greet and assist visitors in using the Center's resources, run errands, answer phones and other general office activities.

Peer Assisted Study Session Leader: Facilitate workshops that assist students in learning effective study strategies for their courses through specific course content.

Supervisor: Manage and maintain all activities in the tutoring lab while servicing an average of 150 student visits per day.

What to expect if you are contacted

Students who meet minimum requirements for an available position should expect the following:

  1. You will be contacted to schedule the appropriate content-area testing. Tests are based on knowledge most commonly required of tutors in their specific subject areas.
  2. Pending the results of the content-area test(s), you will be contacted to schedule an interview with an administrator.
  3. The interview will contain standard questioning, as well as a mock tutoring session. The student will be evaluated on his/her communication skills, competence to complete and ability to tutor the chosen problem.
  4. If you are selected for the position, you will then be contacted by the MSRC for scheduling and paperwork.

Application Procedure

Please be sure to read the below instructions carefully so that your application will be submitted properly and therefore considered.

  1. To streamline the application process, please use the following Google Documents form.
    Note: This form must be accessed using your TU Mail account. If accessed with another Google account you will recieve a "You need permission to access this item" error and be prompted to "Choose a different account." MSRC Application Web Form

  2. After completing the MSRC Application Web Form, you will need to email the relevant supporting documents to Applications without supporting documentation will not be acted upon.

    1. All supporting documents must be sent as attachments in one email. If additional documentation is sent later, include all relevant files in the subsequent email to assure your application file is complete.

    2. Please use the email subject line,
      MSRC Jobs: [Last Name, First Name]
      for example: MSRC Jobs: Smith, John

    3. Files should be named accordingly with your name and the files title,
      [Last Name, First Name] - [File Title] for example: Smith, John - Resume

    4. All attachments must be in one of the following formats only.
      1. .pdf
      2. .doc or .docx
      3. .xls or .xlsx

  3. Supporting Documents
    1. All Applicants
      1. Resume (Good Resume? Bad Resume? First Resume? Visit Carreer Services website to learn more!)
      2. Schedule of availability using the following file...
        MSRC Availability, (Your Name), (Semester Applying for), (v1)
    2. Additional Documents for Graduate Students
      1. Graduate Exam Scores (GRE, GMAT, etc. - unofficial copies MUST be sent via TUsafesend)
        1. For TUsafesend, simply log in, drop off, attach file, send to
        2. This is for security purposes to protect your data.
      2. Two Letters of Reference: These may be sent to directly from the reference otherwise submit hard copies to 1810 Liacouras Walk Rm 201 (066-11), Philadelphia PA 19122.

Ready to Apply?

MSRC Application Web Form



Who Can Apply
Pay Scale
$10 to $14 per hour based on the number of courses you tutor
Reports To
Assistant Director
Assist students with difficulties faced with course material and in understanding of concepts.
  • Use methods modeled during tutor professional development to help supplement student learning by asking good questions and practicing active listening.
  • Develop multiple methods of understanding and explanation of topics and concepts in your respective content areas while refreshing old material.
  • Guide students in one-on-one, small group, large group and online tutoring sessions as well as prepare students for exams during review sessions.
  • Communicate with Graduate Supervisors regularly to keep lab operations running smoothly and to report any issues that may arise in the tutoring lab.
  • Act like a working professional and follow proper procedures when needing coverage for a shift or any other administrative action.
Required Skills
  • The ability to effectively communicate with students, peers, graduate supervisors, faculty and staff members.
  • The ability to relay material in more than one way.
  • The ability to humbly take advice while seeking to improve your methods of tutoring for the betterment of the students who use our center.
Math Tutors Chemistry Tutors Physics Tutors
Min: Math 1041 & 1042
Pref: Math 2043
Min: Chem 1031 & 1032
Pref: Chem 2201 & 2202
Min: Phys 1061 & 1062
Pref: Phys 2021 & 2022
Statistics Tutors Economics Tutors Combination (Example)
Min: Stat 2103 or equivalent Min: Econ 1101 & 1102
Pref: Econ 3501
Min: Math 1041 & Chem 1031
Additional Requirements
  • Demonstrate content knowledge through the successful completion (minimum of a B+) of the course(s) for which you are applying and successful completion of the related tutor skills test.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve in both content and tutoring-related skills.
  • Demonstrate maturity through following directions in the application process and throughout your tenure as a tutor or staff member at the MSRC.

Office Staff

Who Can Apply
Undergraduates and Graduates
Pay Scale
$8 to $10 per hour
Reports To
Assistant Director
Assist in the day-to-day operation of the MSRC front office.
Employees will perform basic data analysis, greet and assist visitors in using the Center's resources, run errands, answer phones and other general office activities.
Required Skills
Basic knowledge of computers which includes Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Punctuality, resourcefulness and ability to juggle multiple tasks during high-usage periods are very important. Ability to treat all users with respect and consideration. High initiative level as well as being able to work independently is important.

Peer Assisted Study Session Leader (PASS Leader)

Who Can Apply
Pay Scale
Based on budget
Reports To
Program Coordinator of the Peer Assisted Study Sessions(PASS)
To facilitate Peer Assisted Study Sessions that exist to assist students in the development of effective learning and study strategies specific to a given STEM or quantitative course.
  • Use the methods modeled during PASS training to lead students in developing the learning and study skills necessary to master the content of their STEM or quantitative courses.
  • Communicate with professors to remain aware of the pacing of the course's content and to receive any advice the content experts may have.
  • Communicate with PASS Program Coordinator for support and accountability to ensure students receive quality assistance when attending a workshop.
Required Skills
  • The ability to effectively communicate with students, professors and other faculty members.
  • The ability to demonstrate various learning strategies to address multiple learning styles and multiple approaches to understanding content.
PASS Workshop Courses

KINS 1223

KINS 1224

CHEM 2202

Additional Requirements
  • Demonstrate content knowledge through the successful completion (a minimum of a B+) of the course for which you are applying to be a PASS Leader.
  • To be considered for an PASS Leader position, you must be:
    • An MSRC tutor who administrators (and possibly supervisors) feel would be suited for facilitating the workshops.
    • Personally recommended by an instructor who teaches or faculty member who coordinates the course for which you will be facilitating a workshop.



Who Can Apply
Doctoral Candidates or Terminal Graduate Degrees ONLY
Award Details
  • Graduate Externship with monthly stipend
  • Tuition remission scholarship up to 9 credits (depending on award status)
  • Awards are either half (~10 hours/week) or full (~20 hours/week) for Fall and/or Spring
  • Option to acquire health insurance
  • Continuation of award is based on performance.
Reports To
Assistant Director

Manage and maintain all activities in the tutoring lab.

  • Getting to know tutors' abilities and being able to match up users with the appropriate tutor.
  • Training and review of the tutoring staff.
  • Acting as liaison between users and staff.
  • Fielding any type of feedback users or tutors may have.
  • Making sure the Center functions efficiently during all hours of operation
Required Skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to successfully perform multiple tasks simultaneously without appearing flustered
  • Ability to carry out roles of a supervisor (i.e. policy enforcement, provide continual feedback on staff performance, keep track of schedules, etc.)
  • Work with other supervisors in successfully managing the tutoring lab as one unit.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and represent the MSRC as an administrative office on campus.
Additional Requirements
  • Minimum cumulative graduate GPA (undergraduate for first semester graduate students) of 3.25.
  • Experiences with classroom management, customer service and/or academic support environment.