Resource Library


  • Economics Resources
    Macroeconomics, Michael Parkin, 4th Edition
    Microeconomics, Michael Parkin, 4th Edition

Gen Ed

  • General Education Resources
    Critical Reasoning And Problem Solving, George Francis


  • Math Resources
    Applied Calculus, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Gleason, Dan Flath, Patti Frazer Lock, 5th Edition
    Calculus and Its Applications, Marvin Bittinger, David Ellenbogen, Scott Surgent, 10th Edition
    Calculus: Early Transcendentals, James Stewart, 7th Edition
    College Algebra: Basics to Theory of Equations, John J. Schiller, Marie A. Wurster
    Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Goode/Annin
    Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Stephen Goode, Scott Annin, 3rd Edition
    Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Kenneth H. Rosen, 6th Edition
    Elementary Differential Equations, William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima, 10th Edition
    Elementary Linear Algebra, Bernard Kolman, David R. Hill, 9th Edition
    Elementary Linear Algebra, Howard Anton, 9th Edition
    Elementary Number Theory, Kenneth H. Rosen, 5th Edition
    Finite Mathematics, Margaret Lial, Thomas Hungerford, John Holcomb Jr., 10th Edition
    For All Practical Purposes 7th Ed. Solutions Manual, Heidi A. Howard
    For All Practical Purposes, W.H Freeman, 7th Edition
    Integrated Arithmetic and Basic Algebra, Bill E. Jordan, William P. Palow, 5th Edition
    Math 1022- Precalculus, Datskovsky/Downing
    Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Sybil Beckmann, 4th Edition
    Using And Understanding Mathematical Ideas, Pearson Publishing


  • Science Resources
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function Lab Manual, Wise, Seventh Edition
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, Saladin, Seventh Edition
    Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, Kenneth Saladin, 6th Edition
    Astronomy Today, Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan, 6th Edition
    Biology, Neil Campbell, Jane Reece, Lisa Urry, 10th Edition
    Biology: A Human Emphasis, Cecie Starr, Christine Evers, Lisa Starr, 8th Edition
    Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight, Peter Atkins, Loretta Jones, Leroy Laverman, 6th Edition
    Chemistry for Changing Times 12th Ed. Solutions Manual, Richard Jones
    College Physics 9th Ed. Volume 1 Solutions Manual, John Gordon, Charles Teague
    Conceptual Physics, Paul G. Hewitt, 11th Edition
    Conceptual Physics, Paul G. Hewitt, 12th Edition
    Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology,Edward Tarbuck, Frederick Lutgens, 10th Edition
    Essential College Physics Volume 1 Solutions Manual, Andrew Rex, Richard Wolfson
    Essential College Physics Volume 1, Andrew Rex, Richard Wolfson
    Essential University Physics Volume 1, Richard Wolfson
    Essential University Physics Volume 2, Richard Wolfson
    Fundamentals of Physics 8th Ed. Solutions Manual, J Richard Christman
    Fundamentals of Physics, Jearl Walker, 9th Edition
    Genetics, Susan Elrod, William Stansfield, 4th Edition
    Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, Leland Hartwell, Leroy Hood, Michael Goldberg, 2nd Edition
    Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry, Frederick Bettelheim, William Brown, 10th Edition
    Introductory Chemistry, Nivaldo J. Tro, 3rd Edition
    Microscale Organic Laboratory, Dana Mayo, Ronald Pike, Peter Trumper, 4th Edition
    Organic Chemistry 2nd Ed. Solutions Manual, David Klein
    Organic Chemistry 4th Ed. Solutions Manual, Maitland Jones, Steven Fleming, Henry Gingrich
    Organic Chemistry, David Klein, 2nd Edition
    Organic Chemistry, Maitland Jones, Steven Fleming, 4th Edition
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Douglas C. Giancoli, 4th Edition
    Physics, Douglas C. Giancoli, 6th Edition
    Physics: Principles With Applications Volume 1, Douglas C. Giancoli, 7th Edition
    Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach Solutions Manual, Kathleen Thrush, Mary Kramer
    Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, Nivaldo J. Tro, 2nd Edition
    Principles of Physics 5th Ed. Solutions Manual Volume 1, Raymond Serway, John Gordon, John Jewett
    Principles of Physics, Raymond Serway, John Jewett, 5th Edition
    Voyages Through the Universe, Andrew Fraknoi, David Morrison, Sidney Wolff, 3rd Edition


  • Statistics Resources
    Fundamentals of Biostatistics, Bernard Rosner, 6th Edition
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Seymour Lipschutz, John J. Schiller
    Probability and Statistical Inference, Robert V. Hogg, Elliot A. Tanis, 8th Edition
    Seeing Through Statistics, Jessica M. Utts, 3rd Edition
    Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, Chava Frankfort-Nachmias, Anna Leon-Guerrero, 4th Edition
    Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences 4th Ed. Solutions Manual, Jackie Miller
    Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, Alan Agresti, Barbara Finlay, 4th Edition
    Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, Jeff Bennett, William Briggs, Mario Triola, 2nd Edition
    Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, Jeff Bennett, William Briggs, Mario Triola, 3rd Edition
    Statistical Reasoning In Psychology and Education, Bruce King, Edward Minium, 4th Edition
    Statistics for Business and Economics 11th Ed. Solutions Manual, Nancy S. Boudreau
    Statistics for Business and Economics, James McClave, P. George Benson, Terry Sincich, 11th Edition
    Statistics, Robert Witte, John Witte, 8th Edition
    Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, David S. Moore, 5th Edition
    The Basic Practice of Statistics, Moore/Notz/Fligner,Sixth Edition
    The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, Larry Gonick, Woollcott Smith
    The Four Pillars Of Investing: Lessons For Building A Winning Portfolio, William Bernstein
    The Wall Street Journal: Complete Personal Finance Guidebook, Jeff D. Opdyke