Tutoring Lab Usage Policy

Using the Lab:

  1. Your TU student ID is required every time you use the MSRC lab. No exceptions will be made.
  2. Scan in using your Temple Student ID and leave your ID with the Supervisor. Scanning in allows the MSRC to measure lab usage and to staff the center properly. When you leave, remember to scan out and pick up your ID.
  3. Check in with the Supervisor-On-Duty. If you need a tutor, tell the supervisor, and he/she will put you on the waitlist. Only the Supervisor can assign a tutor. All tutoring is conducted in the tutoring lab at 1810 Liacouras Walk-Rm. 208.

Class Work and Assignments:

  1. We are a supplement to your course and NOT a replacement. Coming prepared with questions related to the material you are working on helps us better serve you. If you have not prepared, you will not be assigned a tutor and will be asked to attempt the work before requesting further assistance.

  2. What we do: You were doing your homework and got stuck on # 7.
    What we do NOT do: You start your assignment and/or review and expect the tutor to go through each problem with you.

  3. We cannot work with any "take home" or graded assignments. If it is suspected that your assignment is graded, we will contact your professor to determine the best course of action. In most cases, the best we can do is work on a similar problem that helps explain the concept.
  4. Math Department Policy: Tutors can only assist with problems for which a student can provide the original source (i.e. text, notes, review problem sets). Tutors cannot help with problems from unidentified sources or old exams.
  5. Plan. Do not cram!! Using the MSRC on a regular basis works. Waiting until the last minute does not.
  6. Bring your notes and textbook. Tutoring is most productive if the tutor follows the method your professor uses in class.

Working with a Tutor:

  1. The length of tutoring sessions varies. The time of each session is at the discretion of the supervisors and is determined by many factors including, but not limited to, the number of tutors, the number of students waiting to see a tutor, the quality of the session and your level of preparedness. During peak times, a tutor can spend up to 20 minutes with a student. A tutor may have you begin work on a problem while he/she assists another student and then return to you.
  2. Do not help yourself to a tutor. Although there may be tutors at the tutor station, they might not tutor your course. You must speak to a supervisor to request a tutor each time as only a supervisor can assign a tutor.
  3. Requesting a tutor during walk-in hours. If you feel more comfortable with a specific tutor and decide only to come when he/she is working, you must wait until that tutor can work with you. No special arrangements will be made. Tutors and supervisors are not permitted to share individual tutor schedules so please do not ask.
  4. Feedback is important to us. If you have a problem with a tutor, a recommendation, or any other comment, please talk to the Supervisor-On-Duty or email msrc@temple.edu.

Lab Rules:

  1. All CELL PHONES, PAGERS, AUDIO and MOBILE Communication Devices must be TURNED OFF or set to VIBRATE/SILENT. If you choose to take a call or a break while working with or waiting for a tutor, you will lose your spot on the waitlist.
  2. No eating is permitted in the tutoring lab. Only drinks with secure lids are allowed.
  3. Keep noise to a minimum. All non-academic conversations should be taken outside. All personal music players should be kept at a volume low enough to not disturb surrounding students.
  4. Be respectful of others. All students must abide by the code of conduct, sexual harassment policy and all other policies set forth by Temple to ensure a healthy learning environment. You can find the TU Code of Conduct at http://policies.temple.edu/getdoc.asp?policy_no=03.70.12..