TutorTrac (www.tutortrac.com) is a web-based software program that tracks and records usage data for varous units in the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies portfolio. With a direct link to the student information database and add-on modules available, TutorTrac expands its usefulness and can be modified to meet the various data needs of the portfolio.

System Requirements:

IMPORTANT SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: When accessing TutorTrac /SAGE through the web, a user can use any operating system to do so (any Windows or Mac). With regards to browsers, TutorTrac is compatible with Firefox 3.5 or better, Safari 4.0 or better, and Internet Explorer 7 and better. If you do not know what version of a web browser you are using, there is an option in the Help menu of each browser labeled, "About(Browser)".

SCREEN RESOLUTION RECOMMENDATIONS: To best view the web-based system and access its built-in pop-up windows, a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 is recommended. Please keep in mind that you may not be able to view the system correctly with a monitor size less than 14 inches without reducing the size of what you are viewing. Control + or - on a PC or Option + or - on a Mac will increase or decrease the size of your web page.

Current Modules:

SAGE for Progress Reports:

Faculty are peridoically asked to report on the academic progress of various groups of students on campus. With SAGE, faculty can submit reports in a consistent and secure manner to the requesting advising units.

Instructional Guides:

Creating SAGE Progress Reports (pdf)

Viewing Completed SAGE Progress Reports (pdf)