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confocal microscopy core facility

Welcome to the TUSM Confocal Core.  The Confocal Core has a Leica Sp5 Confocal Microscope that is available for imaging at a cost of $26/hour.  The microscope is located in 503B Kresge Building.  Features of the microscope include:

  • Four excitation lasers: 405 Diode (for use with DAPI), Argon (458, 476, 488, 514), DPSS 563, and HeNe 633.
  • Spectral detection allowing for dynamic adjustment of detected emission wavelengths.
  • Sequential scanning to further reduce emission signal overlap.
  • 10X and 20X dry objectives and 40X and 63X oil immersion objectives.
  • Live Cell Time Lapse imaging with an environmental hood to control temperature and attachments for CO2.  A motorized stage allowing multiple regions of the sample to be monitored over time.
  • Easy to use programs for creating Z-stacks and 3-D images
  • FRAP and FRET analysis.
  • Multiple programs for post-imaging analysis including quantitation.
  • For More information, please see Leica Confocal Microscope Introduction.

The Core is managed by Dr. Bettian Buttaro and handles administrative aspects such as booking and billing and technical aspects such as training, repair and troubleshooting.


The Core is intended to allow you to do your own imaging.  Please see Getting Started for information about how to become a qualified user.


Once you are a qualified user, you can book the microscope by contacting Dr. Buttaro at bbuttaro@temple.edu. Please see User Guidelines for more information.


Dr. Buttaro is available to help with establishing new protocols, troubleshooting and image optimization and is available for quick troubleshooting questions. Dr. Buttaro works predominantly with bacterial cells. However, our users work with numerous techniques and cell types (a list of approved users will soon be provided) and expert help is available from Leica.


A workstation is also soon be available for processing of images.