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TUSM Postbaccalaureate Program


Information for Prospective Students



Students eligible for the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada and have demonstrated academic achievement in a competitive undergraduate setting. While there is no GPA minimum, the average GPA of the entering class is 3.3 or higher.



Institutional Action


Applicants who indicate that they were the recipient of an institutional action are required to submit an official statement from the institution. This document must contain details of the event and the outcome of the institutional process and be addressed to the Sr. Associate Dean for Admissions, Temple University School of Medicine. Applicants with an institutional action will not be reviewed until this letter has been received.  Those who receive an institutional action after the Post baccalaureate Premedical Program application has been submitted are required to update their application by sending a letter with details of the event.


We will only accept Institutional Action statements mailed directly to our office from the appropriate institutional official (Dean of Students, Judicial Officer, etc.) A statement about the institutional Action in your pre-health committee letter does not meet our requirement





BCMS applicants are asked to submit three (3) supportive letters of recommendation. Recent college graduates should submit two (2) from their undergraduate institution and one (1) other letter from an employment or volunteer experience.  If you have been away from school longer than 3 years, one (1) letter from your undergraduate institution and two (2) other letters from an employment or volunteer experience will suffice.


ACMS applicants are asked to submit letters of recommendation from an undergraduate pre-health committee, a packet from a school letter compilation service, or three (3) individual letters. If submitting a compilation packet or individual letters, two (2) letters must be from professors with whom you completed coursework from the AMCAS course classification of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. We welcome letters from research experiences, but they will not fulfill our science letter requirement. One (1) additional letter is required from a non-science professor, work experience, or service activity.


If there is a compelling reason why you cannot obtain the two science letters, we will review your application with the letters provided. Please indicate on the application why you are unable to provide the requested letters on the application or through an update letter you upload through “Send Us Stuff”. We welcome as many letters as you wish to provide for your application.





A resume or a CV is required.



SGPA Calculator


Science Grade Point Average (SGPA) Calculator is a template for calculating course grades from the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math (BCPM). Your course listing will be verified against your unofficial transcript(s).



Standardized Tests


SAT/ACT - Applicants of both the BCMS and the ACMS program will be required to submit an SAT or ACT test score. Those who took the test over 3 years ago may need to request this information from the vendor’s archive database. This may take up to an extra week to then receive the report.


MCAT - The MCAT is not a requirement for application to our Program. However, if you took the MCAT you must submit verification of your scores. Applicants accepted to our program who have achieved a score of 30 or above with no section less than an 8, and not more than 3 years old at the time of medical school matriculation, are not required to re-test. MCAT scores from 2012, 2013, and 2014 will be acceptable for the 2014 Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program application to be valid for Temple University School of Medicine matriculation in 2015.


Applicants sitting for MCAT2015, the Admissions Committee is looking for results in the 70th percentile & above on each individual subtest.




A copy of a verified transcript is required for all undergraduate courses taken at U.S. or Canadian institutions. Courses taken abroad with credit listed on the degree granting institution’s transcript is acceptable verification.