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Gil Yosipovitch, MDgil yosipovitch, md


Chair, Department of Dermatology

Professor, Dermatology

Phone: 215-707-5460

Email: gil.yosipovitch@tuhs.temple.edu


Department of Dermatology




Educational Background:


BSc., Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel, 1985


MD, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1990


Internship, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1989


Residency, Internal Medicine, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel, 1994


Fellowship, Dermatology, UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, 1995


Residency, Dermatology, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel, 1999

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Research Interests:

  • Itch
  • Skin neurophysiology
  • Brain imaging of itch
  • Itch psychophysics
  • Skin pharmacology

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board certification(s):


  • Dermatology, Internal Medicine

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professional affiliations:


  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • Society for Investigative Dermatology
  • Founder, International Society for the Study of Itch
  • American Dermatology Association

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Selected Publications:




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Yosipovitch G, Greaves M, McGlone F, Fleischer A. eds. Itch Basic Mechanisms and Therapy. Mercell Dekker 2004.


Book Chapters


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