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George P. Tuszynski, PhDGeorge P. Tuszynski, PhD


Professor, Neuroscience

Location: Room 754 MERB

Telephone:  215-707-6451

Fax:  215-707-4888

Email: gpt@temple.edu


Department of Neuroscience


Educational Background:


Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

1964-1968, B.A., Chemistry


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

1968-1973, Ph.D., Biochemistry


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

1973-1975, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Biology


Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA

1975-1978, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Biology


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Research Interests:


The focus of our laboratory is the development of novel experimental therapeutics for the treatment and early detection of glioma. Our laboratory has focused its efforts on targeting angiocidin, a small tumor associated protein, for the treatment of brain cancer. Angiocidin is 41 kilodalton protein that can function as a cell signaling molecule inducing cancer cells to secrete a cocktail of cytokines and chemokines that inhibit tumor progression and promote cell differentiation. In glioma , angiocidin up-regulates a variety of cytokines such as IL-6 and GMCSF that act in an autocrine manner promoting cell differentiation, and inhibition of invasion. We have identified angiocidin peptide domains and cell receptors that mediate these anti-tumor activities. Studies are underway to investigate the mechanism of these and anti-tumor activities and preclinical patient studies are being conducted to develop angiocidin and its active site peptides for the treatment of brain cancer.


In a collaboration with Dr. Marcinkiewicz in the Biology Department we are also targeting cell surface integrins as targets for the treatment of brain cancer. We have identified the integrins alpha2beta1 and alpha9beta1 as playing important roles in glioma cell progression. We are developing antagonists of these integrins that include a number of disintegrins, potent specific peptides that bind these integrins and inhibit their adhesive activity. We are also investigating specific domains of matrix proteins such as thrombospondin-1 that could be used to target angiogenesis, an important component of glioma progression.


Additionally, we are also investigating new serum biomarkers in brain malignancies. These markers were discovered in patient sera using a novel electrophoretic separation technology developed by Dr. Frank Chang, Professor of Biology in the College of Science and Technology at Temple University. We have discovered more than 10 new markers. One of these markers, G-protein Coupled Receptor-Associated Sorting Protein 1 (GASP-1), is highly expressed in glioma. We are currently investigating the mechanism of GASP-1 mediated cancer progression, developing GASP-1 antagonists as novel glioma therapeutics, and evaluating the potential of GASP-1 as an early serum marker for brain cancer.


Finally, in a collaboration with Fox Chase and the Lankenau Medical Research Center, we are evaluating the clinical significance of angiocidin auto-antibodies in cancer sera. We have detected high titer antibody levels in the sera of brain cancer patients. Studies are underway to evaluate the role of these antibodies in tumor progression and develop human hybridoma antibody secreting clones using patient blood. The goal of these studies is to develop human angiocidin antibodies for the treatment of glioma.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

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