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Krishna Surapaneni, MD, MPH


Assistant Professor, Clinical Radiology

Telephone:  215-707-9729

Email: krishna.surapaneni@tuhs.temple.edu



Department of Radiology



Educational Background:


BS, Microbiology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 1997


MPH, School of Public Health, Boston University, MA, 1999


MD, Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica, West Indies, 2003


Residency, Radiology, Long Island College Hospital, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, 2009


Fellowship, Neuroradiology, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, 2010


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Clinical Interests

  • Neuroradiology
  • General radiology


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Research Interests

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Neuroradiology
  • Oncologic Imaging


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Board certifications

  • American Board of Radiology
  • Certificate of Added Qualification, Neuroradiology

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professional affiliations:

  • American College of Radiology
  • Radiological Society of North America
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
  • International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

26425744. Phelps PO, Surapaneni KR, Nehls SM, Altaweel MM, Uveal Melanoma Presenting as a Pigmented Conjunctival Lesion. Ophthalmology 122:8(1652)2015 Aug

26425742. Surapaneni KR, Phelps PO, Potter HD, Palisaded Encapsulated Neuroma of the Eyelid. Ophthalmology 122:8(1554)2015 Aug

26130328. Albert DM, Phelps PO, Surapaneni KR, Thuro BA, Potter HA, Ikeda A, Teixeira LB, Dubielzig RR, The Significance of the Discordant Occurrence of Lens Tumors in Humans versus Other Species. Ophthalmology 122:9(1765-70)2015 Sep

25913521. Surapaneni K, Ferguson L, Altschuler EL, Why Can't This Patient Look Up? Bilateral Vertical Gaze Palsy. PM R :()2015 Apr 23

25828202. Han X, Cheng J, Surapaneni K, Altschuler EL, Schizencephaly: Dramatic Images in a Normally Functioning Adult. PM R 7:8(901-2)2015 Aug

25772608. Surapaneni K, Kennedy BC, Yanagihara TK, DeLaPaz R, Bruce JN, Early Cerebral Blood Volume Changes Predict Progression After Convection-Enhanced Delivery of Topotecan for Recurrent Malignant Glioma. World Neurosurg 84:1(163-72)2015 Jul

25709396. Singer MA, Tan CS, Surapaneni KR, Sadda SR, Targeted photocoagulation of peripheral ischemia to treat rebound edema. Clin Ophthalmol 9:(337-41)2015

25486619. Patel AK, Surapaneni K, Yi H, Nakamura RE, Karli SZ, Syeda S, Lee T, Hackam AS, Activation of Wnt/-catenin signaling in Muller glia protects photoreceptors in a mouse model of inherited retinal degeneration. Neuropharmacology 91:(1-12)2015 Apr

24747806. Abbey AM, Gregori NZ, Surapaneni K, Miller D, Efficacy of detergent and water versus bleach for disinfection of direct contact ophthalmic lenses. Cornea 33:6(610-3)2014 Jun

24220098. Prat MC, Surapaneni K, Chalian H, DeLaPaz RL, Kazim M, Ocular adnexal lymphoma: monitoring response to therapy with diffusion-weighted imaging. Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg 29:6(424-7)2013 Nov-Dec

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22056688. Liu T, Surapaneni K, Lou M, Cheng L, Spincemaille P, Wang Y, Cerebral microbleeds: burden assessment by using quantitative susceptibility mapping. Radiology 262:1(269-78)2012 Jan

21562434. Bruce JN, Fine RL, Canoll P, Yun J, Kennedy BC, Rosenfeld SS, Sands SA, Surapaneni K, Lai R, Yanes CL, Bagiella E, DeLaPaz RL, Regression of recurrent malignant gliomas with convection-enhanced delivery of topotecan. Neurosurgery 69:6(1272-9; discussion 1279-80)2011 Dec

18356431. Surapaneni K, Silberzweig JE, Cesarean section scar diverticulum: appearance on hysterosalpingography. AJR Am J Roentgenol 190:4(870-4)2008 Apr

18060397. Robinson TL, Surapaneni K, Nardi PM, Intracecal fetiform teratoma. Pediatr Radiol 38:3(336-9)2008 Mar

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