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Changcheng Song, PhD


Assistant Professor, Center for Inflammation, Translational and Clinical Lung Research (CILR)

Assistant Professor, Thoracic Medicine and Surgery

Telephone: 215-707-7921

Email: songc@temple.edu



Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, Section of Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Center for Inflammation, Translational and Clinical Lung Research (CILR)


Educational Background:


BS, Biochemistry, Shandong University, Jinan, China, 1992


PhD, Molecular Cell Biology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, 1994


Fellowship, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD, 2006


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professional affiliations:

  • American Thoracic Society
  • Society on Neurolmmune Pharmacology
  • American Society for Cell Biology
  • Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science

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The role of proteostasis imbalance in the pathogenesis of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD):


Proteostasis regulates the functional properties of the proteome. Derailed proteostasis leads to protein misfolding and aggregation that is the underlying origin of many devastating human diseases including COPD. A molecular chaperone named valosin containing protein (VCP) plays a critical role in coordinating the proteostasis machinery which mediates protein degradation and the processing of protein aggregates. Our structural and functional studies have shown that VCP plays a critical role in the maintenance of proteostasis by facilitating proteasoma degradation and aggresome formation. We are currently investigating the mechanism underlying the disruption in the biological function of VCP which occurs in the lungs of COPD patients as a result of exposure to cigarette smoke, and smoke components including cadmium. We believe this research should contribute to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of COPO.


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Investigation and Research Report of Development Strategy in Natural Science: Cell Biology, By Jiang, H, Ke, S, Song, C. Science Publishing Press, Beijing, China, 1997.


Chemokine receptors and NeuroAIDS. By Meucci, O. (Ed.) Part 3, 319-335pp, Happel, C, Song, C, Rogers, TJ, Interaction between opioid and chemokine receptors in immune cells: implications for HIV infection. New York, Springer Press, 2009.


The relationship between oxidative stress responses and lung inflammation with cigarette smoking. Song C and Kelsen SO. In Rogers TJ, Criner OJ, Cornwell WD (Eds.) Smoking and Lung Inflammation (pp. 99-127). New York: Springer, 2013.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

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