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Stephen ArnoffWilliam Santamore, PhD


Professor, Medicine

Telephone:  215-707-4239

Fax:  215-707-0170

Office: Old Medical School 233

Email: william.santamore@temple.edu


Department of Medicine, Section of Cardiology

Cardiovascular Research Center


Educational Background:


Manhattan College             BS       Electrical Engineering

Drexel University                 MS       Biomedical Engineering

Temple University              PhD      Pysiology


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Research Interests:


Our current medical system is designed to address acute episodic care.  Chronic disease management, which requires consistent application and frequent monitoring of patient status, is problematic and inconsistent. According to the Institute of Medicine, a disconnect exists between the availability of comprehensive chronic disease management programs and their effective utilization – a real chasm. Especially in underserved populations, lack of surveillance and risk assessment allows these conditions to persist until an actual event occurs (heart attack, new angina or sudden death, stroke). Our objective is to develop and test new innovative approaches to address the goals of Healthy People 2010 and close this chasm in a proactive fashion.  Thus, we have developed a Telemedicine System, which facilitates chronic medical management.  We are currently testing this Telemedicine system in three chronic medical management situations (chronic heart failure, cardiovascular disease risk reduction, and gestational diabetes mellitus) and at two different locations (underserved inner city and rural populations). In each study, patients are randomized to standard of care or telemedicine group. We hypothesize 1) - that in chronic heart failure patients that the Telemedicine system will decrease the number of days for re-hospitalization, 2) - that in underserved patient populations with treatable cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia) the Telemedicine system will reduce CVD risk status and reduce the progression toward epidemic CVD in this population, and 3) – that in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus, the Telemedicine system will reduce the rate of macrosomia (high birth weight).


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