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Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD

Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD


Associate Professor, Physiology

Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Research Center

Telephone:  215-707-4915; 215-707-3408 (lab)

Fax:  215-707-5737

Office: MERB 1045

Email: sabri@temple.edu


Department of Physiology

Cardiovascular Research Center


Educational Background:


BS, Cell Biology, Rennes I University, Rennes, France

PhD, Cell Biology, Rene Descartes University, Paris, France

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Research Interests:


The research goal in the laboratory is to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in cardiac remodeling.  Inflammatory cells and their proteases are considered a key element that orchestrate myocardial repair.  Although beneficial at early stages, inflammatory proteases may contribute to myocyte death and subsequent alterations in both the geometry and mechanical properties of the heart.  Using intact tissue and cell culture models, my laboratory’s research interest focus on elucidating the mechanisms by which inflammatory proteases induce myocyte death and subsequent cardiac remodeling. Representative current projects within the laboratory include: Mechanisms of Cardiac Myocyte Apoptosis Induced by Neutrophil Derived Proteases.  We have shown recently that acute exposure of cathepsin G to adherent cultured cardiomyocytes induced a loss of focal adhesion structures and round up, a phenomenon called anoikis (apoptosis by loss of integrin-mediated cell-matrix contact).  These events are may be triggered by activation of sheddases (metalloproteases family). We also have evidence that left ventricular cathepsin G levels are elevated during the acute phase of volume overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy and injection of cathepsin G directly into the heart lead to subsequent cardiac remodeling similar to that seen during volume overload. The goals of the study are to determine: i) the molecular mechanisms by which cathepsin G triggers the loss of focal adhesion contacts to modulate cardiomyocyte shape and function. ii) how the loss of cell-matrix contacts induces apoptosis in cardiac myocytes.  iii) how inflammatory proteases contribute to cardiac remodeling in vivo.


Beta Adrenergic Receptor (B-AR) Signaling in Heart Failure.  Despite clinical data favoring the use of B-AR blockade in the treatment of heart failure, little is known regarding the cellular and the molecular mechanisms underlying the benefit action of this therapy.  The goal of this project is to determine these mechanisms by using animal model of volume overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy and determine the beneficial effects of ?-AR blockade therapy.  The study also uses cultured cardiomyocyte to delineate the signaling pathways involved in B-AR-induced myocyte phenotypic and functional changes.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

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Postdoctoral Fellows:


Khadija Rafiq, PhD             khadija.rafiq@temple.edu

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laboratory personnel:


Jianfen Guo

Senior Research Associate

Email address: jianfen.guo@temple.edu


Mikhail Kolpakov

Assistant Scientist

Email address: mikhail.kolpakov@temple.edu


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